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My year of MCME [screenshots]


Slab Fanatic
Hi all. Today marks one year since I joined the MCME. I joined the Forums on April 18th and got on the server on the 19th. For a month or so, I've had in mind to post all my MCME screenshots to celebrate the year I've had. Also, @Will_em wanted me to post them, so hey hoo.

Quick notes, in April, my computer died, any screenshots I took, were lost, so it starts in May, but that's when I became active with MCME, it really started in May. Also, I have a thing for being in F5, I don't know why. Some screenshots were taken by accident and some just had interesting things in chat. I know a fair amount of you have been on here much longer, so it may not be so nostalgic for you, but I hope, it at least provides some good memories and entertainment. So without further ado, I present to you, my year of MCME.

May-June 2013
The very first screenshot happens to be of the chat, when I saw a Valar for the first time. [It's not displayed as the first because Minus messed that up]. It then goes into the Summer survival, with some screenshots of me with an IRL friend. The rest are generally random and where I began guiding thralls through Moria and getting group screenshots at the end of each guide through.

July-August 2013 part 1
July-August 2013 part 2
This has the most pictures in it [369! I have to make two parts!] and most nostalgia for me. It includes the Osgiliath build day, which featured building the Osgo houses, the great PvP fight and then the awards ceremony, It was an incredibly fun day, can't wait for another build day [and awards ceremony.] Also the first and last time I saw Mirimo, along with the first time I saw @Homie. The beginning of MCME 2.0 and my very first job. There's a lot of other moments in there too. Probably my favourite time so far.

September-October 2013
Mainly random/chat screenshots, with some PvP and job screenshots. Along with seeing CarlosBear for the first time.

November-December 2013
This has screenshots of that village survival, where we prepared for the great war against @muteberlin. Also contains Hobbiton getting decorated for Christmas, @Credoo complimenting my skin, @Iru being pretty incredible and from the Christmas survival, me and @_Sidhion_ being outside Moria.

January-February 2014
I was a bit dead here. So what we really have is the river dig, the start of Minas Tirith, and a job with Will.

March-April 2014
Dead here too. Mainly Minas Tirith progress and some jobs.

*Bonus* Osgiliath shops job 2013
This was in it's own folder. It started as a small job, into a huge one. It was really fun, I made quite a lot of shops here.

To end, I'd like to say that I've never been with an online gaming community for so long before, you guys are really fun. The project it self is amazing and although my contributions may not be significant, it still feels pretty awesome to know I've became a part of it. I know I don't speak so much and I'm really just that person who replies to any hi's said to me, but you guys really are fun to talk to and play Minecraft with. I look forwards to carrying on building MCME with you all, it's really been a great year!
I'll try to do this again for next year, if people enjoy this :]