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N.A.M.C.L.A. Caps Revolution!


Hardcore MCME-er
Hi there, my name is Gigo and I'm from:

Many of you have probably already heard of our esteemed group of caps lovers, seeing as our group has already recruited many famous faces; such as:
  • Lady_of_Rohan
  • ViggyIggy (Our Glorious and almighty leader)
  • Mandolore100
  • kiso
  • Danishkabby
  • mingthemusical
  • Tyranystrasz
  • Dallen
And many more to come! The reason that our fantastic group has managed to gain such a famous cast is because they've already realized the hidden truth! For too long have people who love Caps been discriminated by the rest of our Community! Just because our love is unconventional does not mean that we should not be able to practise our love in public!

To truly show the extreme problems our members go through on our day to day basis I set up a social experiment:

I joined the server and tried to express my feelings

But almost immediately I was shut down and had to leave in fear of my own safety

I cried for 48 hours straight after this encounter with the famous hater @MaDReD

Now, you might be saying: "But Mister Lord Almight Gigo? Isn't the reason that you're hunted that Caps is not allowed on the server?"
And no, dear concerned cis-caser, in the entire rulebook it never even mentions Caps. The only thing that concerns minecraft chat is on Page A, Paragraph 2: "Spamming or flooding the in-game chat is prohibited."
Meaning that we have every right to love and use caps in every way possible on the server!

So please! Feel free to join our cause! Support us on TWITTER

Stop the Caps-Shaming! End the Lowercase-Acceptance!

//gigo, Chairman of N.A.M.C.L.A.

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Hardcore MCME-er
  1. 1.
    irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
  2. 2.
    a canned meat product made mainly from ham.
  1. 1.
    send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.

    i see no mention of caps


Dirt Conaisseur
CAPS is an integral part of society. It denotes implied emphasis for what is being stated. Take the following example:

Robin: Holy rusted metal, Batman!



White in the first statement there is a sense of impressed Robin by the event at hand, the second statement clearly shows how blown away he is in relation to the current situation.

Example 2:

When someone joins a server you're excited to see...

Honored Droog: HEY! What's up?
Mistaken Ranked Member: caps, please.

See the fear in the correcting fellow's speech? They are so afraid to speak up they can't even summon an uppercase letter to start their misguided rebuke.

Now, I understand the confusion people have between CAPS and SPAM, but let me clear it up for you with a bit of low-down funk:

SPAM = Does not contribute to the conversation or thread at hand.
CAPS = May or may not contribute based on usage.

Generally if CAPS is combined with SPAM, then there's a problem. This is where most of the CAPS confusion stems from. Previous associations with CAPS-laden SPAM has led people to shun the former altogether.


...is considered SPAM because of the content. However,

Loyal Adventurer 1: I aced my finals today.
Loyal Adventurer 2: OMG! THAT'S AWESOME!
Loyal Adventurer 2: CONGRATS!
Loyal Adventurer 1: Thanks!
Loyal Adventurer 2: I flunked out of school, so I never got to take a final. How was it?
Lovingly Mistaken Ranked Member: caps.
Loyal Adventurer 2: ...

...is not.

Although, and to be fair, almost anything that comes out of kisos' keyboard whether caps or not could potentially be considered SPAM.

Let us not rebuke the excited member for attempting to truly express their feelings. I may not be excited to be doing some thing. I may actually be EXCITED.

Love and huggles. You all ROCK!

- Viggy


Hardcore MCME-er
Excitement is expressed with an exclamation in writing. Have you written a story and put a capitalised letter for every letter for every exclamation? What it really is, when used throughout a sentence and not on an integral part is just screaming. Screaming is done so that you can be seen above everyone else and get your attention you desperately grasp for. That kind of immature neediness isn't appreciated in a community, even if it is a community for a game that is absorbed into the same stream as "Wiggles" or, Q save us, "Yo Gaba Gaba!". We try to discourage the free running tyranny of the five year olds that jump onto the server asking to see lake town because they only watched The Hobbit series.