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Accepted Napoleon0605's Artist Application


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I think your drawings should give you a boost. Your a great builder and a artist with a pen. Good luck!


hon. Head Designer
Thank you a lot for applying Napoleon! I am very sorry for that it took me so long to get back to your app!

I have checked out your Morannon ingame, and I can safely say it's the nicest and especially most detailed one i've seen so far by far! It's amazing how much you obviously put effort and thought into it, and I am actually struggling to find things to remark on it! Still, have some nit-picky feedback:
  • Generally do not use blocks that have vanilla textures (with a few exceptions like fire), as they most likely will be overwritten with potentially completely different things. But of course for the very unfinished Mordor pack this is oke ;)
  • The greenish blocks are kinda reserved for Minas Morgul, I think in other areas it looks a bit too, idk, over-the-top clichée-evil... I guess the black gate and it's towers best just remain sinister...
But that's all about I can find... Your build is really outstanding! And as many want to see you become Artist I'll gladly grant you and them this wish and can say: Congratulations to you, for getting Artist!

Make sure to read the Artist manual to know how you can get started as an Artist: Artist Manual

Right now the promotion permissions are still derped, I will make sure to get you promoted as soon as possible though! Stay tuned!