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Nargothrond Project (Improved Thread)


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Welcome to the Nargothrond Project!

Project Leader
Head Planner

Head Designer
Head Builder
Yojumbo (possibly Vacant)
Head of Terrain(Mt)
Head of Terrain(Cavern)
Head of Terrain(River/Hills)

What is Nargothrond?
If your not familiar with Nargothrond, It was once a Noldor Stronghold, ruled by Finrod Felegund. Petty dwarves were driven from the caves and Finrod there inspired by menegroth built is his sanctuary, with the aid of the dwarves from Ered Luin. Thus Nargothrond will have both elven and Dwarven architecture, making it an exciting and tricky build.

Why should you join the project?

You should join this project because,
1) It is an odd design that will push your building skills to the limit.

2)It will increase skills in building and teamwork, and there are also supervisor roles available, so managerial skills as well.

3)It will be FUN!! a great way to take part in a large scale project with jobs that wouldn't be available to commoners and thrall on the Build server.

4)Being part of a project gets you interacting more with other players, so you can make new friends!

5)The sense of being part of something epic, and the satisfaction of playing a part in it once complete.

How can I join?
Easy log into the Freebuild server and use /warp Nargothrond-apply to take you to the project apply area. and /warp Nargothrond to get to the build (Also message me in the forums and i will add you to the join Nargothrond Conversation)

Once there you'll need to showcase your building skills in the designated apply area and follow the rules and instructions which you can find there.

once checked you will be placed into a subsequent team see below for more details

New Hierarchy Layout

Changes are being made to how the project is being led, to hopefully increase productivity and organisation

Nargothrond will know have a 7 staff positions available who will have they're own private conversation with which to discuss project details.

There will then be sub discussion's run by each staff member excluding me as I will be running the staff discussion.

The following are the staff positions and they're respective roles

Project Leader :
-leads the project, I will have my hand in all the pies, ranging from terrain building, design creation, planning etc

Project Planner :
-Once interior of Nargothrond has been planned roughly using dynamap they will be responsible for laying out those plans with their team.

Project Designer:
-They will be leading those responsible for the design and style creation for the build. creating concepts with which to work with. must be an adept builder

Head Builder:
-responsible for leading the building of Nargothrond with their team, from the houing, corridors and halls etc. must be an adept builder
in charge of the build team that will

Due to the terrain being a massive part of this project and there sheer size and importance (without good terrain a build is never what it can be)
there will be 3 staff members.

Head of Mountains:
-In charge of the building of the mountains

Head of Caverns:
-In charge of the building of the many caves and caverns within Nargothrond

Head of Rivers and Hills:
- In charge of the widening, Lengthening and deepening Of the River Narog, as well as the surrounded forested hills that sit at the base of the mountains and east bank of the Narog.

*Please note the staff members are in no way connected to the rank staff that is used on the servers/forums it is only a term used for those leading the project.

Please note that this is an unofficial mcme project, and cannot be used, for rank applications, however it is good practice to help you along the way.

The Plan


Interior rough layout

Job List:

Mountain range[In Progress]
River Narog[In Progress]
River Ringill[
lake Ringil[
Main entrance[
Valley entrance[
Entrance Hall and hallway[
Hall of Finrod[
In Progress]
Grand cavern[
In Progress]
lookout towers[
Needs Planning]
living caves[
Needs Planning]
forges[Needs Planning]
valley entrance halls[
Needs Planning]
Luthiens secret entrance[
Needs Planning]
Lake Pavillion[
Valley Farms[
Needs Planning]
Valley forest[
forested hills[
Throne room[
Needs Planning]
Glaurung's cave/Market Cave[
Needs Planning]
Needs Planning]
Old dwarven caves[
Needs Planning]
dwarven tombs[
Needs Planning]

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This looks great guys, good luck with it. If I have time when university starts I might join.


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hi guys! the project has been onhold for a while, but it will resume starting tomorrow. for all you new people that have joined please feel welcome to check out the build /warp Nargothrond (on freebuild) and if interested join. We need all the help we can get. there are vacancies for supervisors and planners so if you want to prove your planning/project/communication/management skills for your mcme CV this is the project for you

it be great to see some people take part

see you soon :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

p.s i will be on tonight in case your too eager :p


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also feel free to check out the progress folder that has some images showcasing the build if your unable to log on at all