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Nateolocity01 Artist Application


Aspiring Commoner
Date Joined: June 3rd, 2017
Jobs: 2 theme builds (Argonath & Bridge of Esgalduin)

Argonath Screenshots

Bridge of Esgalduin Screenshots

Interests: I don't really have a specific type of architecture I prefer to build, but I prefer to stay away from life-like structures like statues and gargoyles. My favorite race in Middle Earth are the Elves because of their beautiful and ornate architecture and aesthetic, but the massive Dwarven halls of Erebor also draw my attention. Besides LotR things, I enjoy (attempting) to build castles and other large structures, along with terraformation with WorldEdit (I'm not good at it yet, though). WorldEdit is my favorite building tool, and I usually use it all the time in my personal worlds.

Motivation: As an Adventurer, there isn't much to do on the server after you've explored every existing inch. I believe this would give me the opportunity to be more effective and have more hands on building through the artist position. I'd like to help anywhere possible, but most of all I'd like to see Erebor begin construction. :)


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey Nateolocity, your builds look really promising. I am an artist on MCME and I was in the same position as you once. I like the base of your bridge, the variation of bricks are good and there is depth in them. The top part of the bridge is a bit minimalistic but is okay for the way you made it, however very few bridges will look like this in mcme. Some things you could do to improve is a nicer shape for the bridge, most likely an arch would look good as it being flat means it lacks some aesthetics points. The tree you built could use some work as well. Very few trees have that thick of a trunk for that few of leaves. It needs more leaves and also for the trunk. Use' /get logs' to get six-sided logs so that the rings of the normal logs won't spoil the trunk of the tree. Horse statues look okay, but the flaws are very minor. I hope to see you soon as in the purple club and hope you will get there soon. Good luck.


Aspiring Commoner
Thank you for the feedback BWOT! I've corrected (or attempted to correct) the problems you listed. Here's some screenshots...

Also, maybe it's obvious, but I couldn't find the minor error in my horse statues that you were referencing.


Hardcore MCME-er
Its the legs, I think they just look a bit weird, cause this is what I imagine it to be like...


Aspiring Commoner
Oh, okay. Gotcha. I can't find the exact minecraft reference image but this position is what I was modeling. Only I couldn't figure out how to alternate the front legs so made them parallel like the hind legs. I will try to experiment with the hind legs and see what comes of it.



Hardcore MCME-er
I like your horses as is. Though if I shall be picky I think the back legs maybe should be angled more straight down (not completely straight though)


Lead Builder
Staff member
Lead Builder
@ns0119 if you ever see me on the server ill give you some practical tips on your building to improve them, we can work of freebuild


hon. Head Designer
Hey Nateolocity,

Also to you a huge apology for not responding in such a long time!

Your bridge does look very nice! Especially the shape and the materials chosen are already very good! Here's some inputs from my side:
  • If you alternate the materials on the sides to make it look old I'd also do it on the road/walking part which is probably even more under stress from all that may walk / roll over it.
  • The lighting is a bit too fantastical... How would these lamps looks like IRL? Fuel? Maintenance? If you'd like to light it I'd rather go with some simple lamp posts with torches hanging from them along the sides.
  • I havent checked whether that'd be relevant here, but in order to break the repetitive shape of the bridge up and allow potential ships to get past the bridge I'd get rid of the middlemost bridge pillar and replace it with a wider arch.
  • The arches ontop are debatable, good input from BWOT and well-executioned by you Nat, but personally I am not sure whether I'd have put arches there ;)
  • If you already add some stuff next to the bridge you should also have added the bits of road connecting to the bridge!
I'd be very pleased if you could submit another TB, best one with some buildings in it! I'll make sure to respond asap to your update!

~ Finrod