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~The Six Dragons Summer Events~

Nauglamir - Ice Boat Race
Starts: Saturday 28th July, 7pm BST (
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In this event you will be joining the dwarven army in the battle of a thousand caves, sieging Menegroth and taking back the Nauglamir.

- Stay on the track
- Stay in your boat
- Do NOT destroy someone elses boat
- You must have the Dwarven Resourcepack On
- Listen to the Event Leaders


In this event you will be joining a legion of Dwarves from Nogrod on their quest to take revenge on the Elves of Menegroth, and to retake the Nauglamir which had been combined with the Silmaril to create the most beautiful object of all of Arda.

You are tasked together with a small group highly specialized warriors to find another way in to get behind enemy lines. You begin your journey by entering a small Natural cave full of glitters and beauty, not yet ruined by the greed of dwarves or Elves. (This is not part of the Race yet)

After following down a small waterfall in the Natural Cave you land in a tunnel which takes you to the main entrance cave of Menegroth. This is the same cave where your fellow dwarven warriors fight in an attempt to break the elves defencive lines. When you look down, you can see the horrors unfold.

You continue follow your path through a network of tunnels that eventually lead you to where you are suppose to behind the enemies defences. Without any warning and to the shock of the elves, you pull a lever which opens the gate, and all the dwarven reinforcements storm in.

This was only the first obstacle in the fortress that was Menegroth, so you continue your path down a tunnel blocked off by an old wooden fence, like it had not been used in over a century. You end up in the main living cave for the elves, beautiful massive towers pillaring up against the cave walls, Tree roots hanging from the ceiling. You find yourself now running over an old abandoned bridge heavily overgrown, You find yourself wondering if it was ever a stone structure to begin with. At this point one of the dwarfs in your fellowship calls you back, he appears to have found an alternative root, difficult but faster. It would require us hang from tree branches and climb our way into the main living area. You decide to take the normal route and enter another small cave that will lead you to the same location.

Leaving the living area, you enter back into the entrance cave, however this time much lower, you hope to here reunite with the rest of the army, however to your surprise you still find them struggling to defeat the elves. So you set out on another root trying to once again get behind enemy lines. You follow your path into through more caves and eventually into the slums where the dwarves used to life while working on the Nauglamir, Shocked by the horrors of their living condition, it fills you up with anger knowing the luxury the elves lived in.

You follow the path once more into the entrance cave, this time all the way at the bottom. to your left you see the door that would lead you closer to the king. However it is blocked off by a massive wooden door. You follow another path that goes to the right, this leads you into the main forge and mines.

You follow a narrow cliff sides path that reminds you off home eventually bringing you to the central cave, with a massive Tree in the middle of it all surrounded on all sides with a lake. It's a symbol of life for the elves. Your fellow dwarves have managed to break through the massive wooden door. The remaining elv resistance has destroyed the bridge hoping to slow the advancing dwarven army. You sneak past the guard and into the king's chamber.

There the king sits, defeated, knowing the fate he will have to endure. You quickly approach him, but a brave elves knight throws himself in between you and Thingol. Knowing you dont have alot of time before the royal guard arrives you bargain with Thingol, telling him that he would be allowed to live as long as he gives up the Nauglamir.

After receiving the Nauglamir you quickly leave the kings hall through a side tunnel.

U return to the dwarven general with the Nauglamir in hand.

Happy Racing!

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I do believe you meant route and not root and I also suggest you don't use U instead of you as it sounds really unprofessional.

Really sad I missed this event. Is there any chance one can ride the track now afterwards even though I wouldn't be competing?
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