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New Head Developer

New Head Developer !!!

Hello all, so if you have been living under a rock, let me introduce our newest Admin and Valar: @Eriol_Eandur !!!

He will be taking the new role as Head Developer as this was essentially the other Head Designer role, but with perms specific to better work in server development. This role was decided by the Valar and we have full confidence that Eriol will do a great job and be an awesome contribution to the admin discussions. He has been with us for a long time and I think it's great we finally have this experienced player to come in and share his knowledge. Please if you see him, congratulate him and wish him the best of luck as he goes into this role.

Here is the official role description:

Head Developer
Staff position. Assigned by Eru Iluvatar to be in charge of development related matters such as coding, texturing, technology and implementations.
  1. Due to the Head Developer having a major impact on how the community can run, as well as having elevated access rights, the Head Developer works closely with Eru Iluvatar before making changes.
  2. Is handed exceptional amount of access for the use of debugging or analysis. Thus it is expected that this person can keep confidential information for its own.
  3. In charge of documenting the plugins, scripts or programs.
  4. Handles the bug reports made on the forums or the tracker.
  5. Assesses potential new coders if they can contribute to a repository.
  6. Uploads and manages the latest up to date code on the Github repositories.

As well as this he will be leading the team of Developers and constantly will try to develop this part of our community!