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(NEW) Head Guide and Assistant

New Head Guide and Assistant
That's right! Our beloved @mandolore100 has officially stepped down from the rank of Head Guide on MCME. Concluding with a tour of his favorite spots on the server and a speech commending the efforts of the Guides under his leadership. Well, I speak for all the Guides when I say that nothing we've done in the past six months would be possible without such a great Head to our team. Thank you very much for being such a benevolent and approachable leader and for being ready to give your time to us when we were in need!

But this begs the question...

Well if you haven't noticed, my name is now red. So yes, I have now been promoted to the rank of Head Guide. I'll detail my plan of action (agenda if you will) down below. I appreciate any feedback you guys present me, so long as it is indeed constructive and beneficial. :)

Guide Assistant - This role is now overseen and held by none other than @Raffyyy! It has been agreed upon by the staff at our last staff meeting that Raffy exhibits exemplary Guide-like qualities and has proven himself trustworthy and helpful over the past several months. He is an invaluable resource to the Guide rank and will do extremely well as the new Guide Assistant. Wish Raffy luck as he tackles these new sets of responsibilities.

Here's a word from him now:

"Yellow is an interesting colour. I much prefer teal if I'm honest... Joking aside, I feel absolutely chuffed to be offered this opportunity to "refine what I've started to do already." Rest assured I'll be working very close to Ark and all of the other Guides to expand on what Mando's started. And he's made such a flying head start for me and Ark! It's been unbelievable. I look forward to the times ahead - Both good and bad, and to see the wider MCME community be "reborn". The cheese is unreal. Really."

My Agenda
As Head Guide
Something Mando did during his time as Head Guide was develop a certain degree of organization to the rank of Guide. Not many people know this as that process occurs almost entirely internally. The general public cannot see the extensive tour documents or briefings or resources that are put together by the Guides all the time. That was Mando's goal as Head Guide. To expound upon and develop a better system of communication and organization within the rank. This sets up a foundation for which my plan will build from.

As Head Guide, it is my plan to display the work of the Guides more externally. Something that many people have brought to my attention and the attention of the Guides multiple times is the lack of a clear and obvious helpfulness on the server. No one sees the accumulated 132 hours of touring that has been recorded by the current team of Guides as detailed on our Tour Documents. So it is my goal to make the efforts of the Guides more apparent to the public.

(This said, I hope my position on the matter is clear. The Guides on MCME do a great deal of work. I hope everyone reading this can appreciate the amount of work and creativity they put into making the 2018 Summer Events possible. Without their spontaneity and preparation, we may have had a Summer Events much like last year's. This is just ONE example of the usefulness of Guides!)

The Plan, however, is to hold Guides to a higher standard than they are already. I plan on instituting a system of monthly requirements to be fulfilled by current Guides. The requirements include:
- Displaying the capability to run and use current guide plugins/tools including: Races, Quizzes, Hide and Seek, Tours, and Guidebook.
- Setting a minimum tour requirement per month.
- Developing a monthly "Current Events" quiz for each of the Guides to take to help develop their knowledge of the server further.

I also plan on finishing up my previous Guidebook Project wherein I set information tidbits at "Points of Interest" across MCME and edit those that are either inaccurate or grammatically inconsistent/correct.

Thank you everyone! Raf and I look forward to your insights :D
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Ark, in the short time in which you were my mentor, I realized you had great leadership qualities in addition to an amazing sense of humor and extensive knowledge. From broom handle spinning to your love for MCME, you will certainly be a great head guide and I wish you best of luck! Raf you were always so helpful and kind and certainly deserve assistant. So congratulations @Arkengard and @Raffyyy !!!