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New Player suggestion


Starting Adventurer
So usually when a new player joins, they have a few questions, such as:
What do I do here?
How do I get ranks?
What are some commands?
I was thinking that perhaps we should make a starter guide book that you receive at spawn.
It would have answers like, you can work on jobs, or do themed projects. It could have a link to the helper map,
and a list of commands like /warp, /theme, ect.
It would help new players get adjusted to the server, and make it a lot easier on guides to help.


Staff member
I have tought of that idea myself and I think it seems like a good suggestion, most people dont read the new player guide on the forums and its quite basic and I think it would be good to mabye have two books, one which is basic information so the player can get an idea of what to expect and one which is more detailed.
also I think the detailed version should be mentioned in the fist book and accessible by a command.


Media Team
If you read all the information given in the New Player Quiz -where you spawn at your very first visit- you should know most of those things. Otherwise there's usually helpful ppl online and there's the New Player Guide. The command for helpful links is /helper, that might be a good addition to the NPQ


Hardcore MCME-er
@Gary_Baggins also made such a book long ago when he was guide that he planned on placing at spawn or at the end of the npw auiz. It may be a bit outdated now but it contained a lot of good information for new people. I wonder what happened to that.