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New Rank - Apprentice

What do you think of this idea?

  • There should be an Apprentice rank

    Votes: 9 31.0%
  • There should NOT be an Apprentice rank

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • Have a similar system to this idea

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 4 13.8%

  • Total voters


Head Moderator
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Head Moderator
Do you want to become an Artist but you are not a good enough builder? Do you want to be taught how to be a good builder? Then this rank would be perfect. How this rank would work is that if you want to be taught how to be an Artist you would get a willing Artist or Designer to teach you how to build. The Apprentice would NOT have creative on the main server but would do when their teacher is there with them. You would also have to have been on this server for a minimum of two months. Please vote on the poll of what you think of this rank.


Hardcore MCME-er
Its not a bad idea, but its a little pointless, I mean just asking artists or designers for pointers on how to build doesn't necessarily need its own rank. The teacher aspect could be interesting though, but an entire new rank of its own is too much. We have an Adventurer rank for a reason :p Besides Artists and Designers are quite busy most of the time (not like I ever was)

We have Themed-Builds which are made for people to practice on, as well as jobs in which people can participate in, and also plotworld houses. There is lots of ways people can get to learn to build whilst getting feedback, without having to cause all the stress and time for artists and designers having to specifically teach them. Doing is the best way to learn :D

Back to the rank itself, it wouldn't contribute at all to MCME, like all the current ranks do. Rather, it would just be adding in a rank for the hell of it.
Hope this helped somewhat lol.


Head Developer
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Head Developer
Well, how does it works at the moment? When you apply for Artist you'll get feedback from a Designer about the builds you presented in your application including tips what building skills you have to improve. You should then use themed builds to work on your skills and add new screenshots to your application. Don't forget to reply to your own application, just post: 'update'. This will make us notice your new screenshots. You will again get feedback and tips about your new builds. Repeat updating your application and getting feedback until your application is accepted. Aside from themed builds and application updates, jobs and plotbuilds are very important. Try to participate in as many jobs and plotbuilds as you can, there are jobs every Saturday at least. Again you will get tips how to improve your building skills. At the same time you show your activity and interest in building on the server.

What you describe @SmaugJuice is not too different from the way it is now. I think you have in mind a bit more organised mentor system. I'm not sure if that will improve things as I'm quite sure most Artists and Designers will give help/feedback when you ask them. And a Designer can also make a private job for you when there is something to do. Thus in my opinion there is no need for a new rank, but we could think about organising mentors.
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Eru Iluvatar
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Sounds really useless to be frank apart from adding aesthetic bloat. It is a duplicate of Commoner and would only add more administrative burden to keep everything up to date and in line.


Hardcore MCME-er
I agree that a new rank would be essentially pointless. It would just serve as an "I'm better than you" distinction, as commoner did before. I'm not saying that was your point, @SmaugJuice, but that would be what the rank would evolve into.

However, I think a designer-adventurer mentor system could be beneficial. Unlike the current artist feedback, it would allow each designer to focus on a single adventurer, which should result in more valuable feedback.
Organizing such a system would require little effort, so in the event that it was not very popular or designers didn't want to do it, the program could be discontinued with minimal time lost.


Hardcore MCME-er
As someone who has a lot of experience with teaching people the tricks of building in minecraft, this might not be a bad idea.

Why is it good:

- 90 procent of the staff I worked with did not know who wanted to become artist and only helped people once I made a forum post for builder feedback or once they joined on every job of them which happens less and less
- A title would be a good indicator for everyone to see that someone wants to learn and to be recognized, which for the lower ranks is really impossible to do.

What problems it would give:

- Q has to set up another rank + maintain it and that will not last long.
- Everyone would ask for apprentice but who would really be eager to learn? Would it give a spamming of the apprentice rank or not?

Possible work-around: you need someone who maintains the rank almost daily and who can promote and demote appropriatly. Maybe a bounder could do that if someone is willing to spend a little time on it. But a bounder does not go over building things and most of them aren't experienced in teaching builder skills.

In the end this rank wouldn't be necessary if:

- people would hop on teamspeak everytime they play minecraft (even if no one is online). And also if they wouldn't stay in the lobby (it's not meant to be there guys, join other channels!)
- more staff would make more jobs

These two problems are at the core of this issue and just require a change in mentality in both low ranks and high ranks. Just do it guys!

Will_em analysis complete *beep*

EDIT: The current artist feedback was something I replied on 90 percent with some older staff members helping. That's why it worked. I don't know what staff want to do, but MAINTAIN it if you want it to work. If you can't maintain it, then you need to find another method. I think the two solutions I posted about teamspeak and jobs, will work the best. I guarantee it.
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hon. Head Designer
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All Artists get in-depth and personal feedback on their applications now (written currently by @Eriol_Eandur and me) along with tips how to improve their buildings aswell as generally the chances to get promoted.

I think the chances for Artist applicants to get on-site feedback or maybe even a special, personal job are very good, under certain circumstances. To distinguish the applicants we don't necessarily need a new rank, and here is why I think that: If someone applies for a rank he wants to earn some privileges. And to earn something one needs to do something, right? I think it's a good "task" for an applicant to get out of their comfort zone and speak up "hey i'm applying for artist, can you please give me feedback on my build?" or "hey could you give me something that I could try to build?". (Special hint: dont ask "can someone please...", ask someone specifically, e.g. "hey finrod do you have something I could build?"). This "service" is something I expect the Designers to provide (if possible), and if an applicant does just what described but does not get a proper reply, please tell me and I'll have a word with the Designers.

Long story short: If you want to get Artist you have to show that your are willing to do something for it! If you show me that your are passionate, I will do everything to make sure this passion can be used for the best of the server (but you have to show it yourself!)


Builds trees by hand
Its an ok idea, although i agree that it is a little purpose. It might only help to raise the esteems of commoners who have been commoners for a while, but bad things might also happen with ego as DSESGH says