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New youtube channel


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hey guys Karaktar here been gone for a while working on a youtube channel with my buddy sftx_ben
we got it finished and before the website crash i was looking to do a video tour and interview with staff i believe
will_em had volunteered to help us with that

so if will_em is still interested please let me know

aside from that i would really appreciate input from this community about our new channel so guys if you would be so kind as to please go check it out and let me know what you think
and please be critical we want it to be the best channel it can be so dont worry about hurting feeling as we have none lol

channel link https://www.youtube.com/user/thecoffeguys


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okay so i saw a jump in our channel views when this was posted but no real feedback anyone


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I enjoy the videos, but frankly you're way more charismatic than your friend - the better mic helps. I guess the chemistry will improve in the future though.


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yeah i think its the brit thing he can be a bit stuffy and its his first time doing anything like this so he's still got to find his groove i have been performing for years now so it comes more natural to me

and yeah i has better mic but i have a slight advantage there as well as i have a full recording studio with all sorts of toys like condenser mics and multipattern mics all that studio stuff that gets built up over time and he's just using a beaches so yeah it makes a difference
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I truly only looked at the Welcome To The Channel video, and it was a bit bland in the beginning.
If it was a bit more fast-paced (like dodging creatures, jumping over things, and getting to the king faster), I think people will pay attention to the end.

But, with that said, it was a pretty good video, other than the long-ish beginning. ;)


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Pm me a date or hour, i can do today or tomorrow. The rest of the week depends on the time.