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Newbie feedback after 3,5 days


Aspiring Member
Hello all, it's been 3 days and a bit since I joined the server and so far my experience has been mostly postive. So I decided to do a small review on the experience as a new person joining the server and hopefully providing some feedback to improve the minor issues.

The map:
Buildings/Cities: 10/10 just as if not bigger and better then i had thought.
Size: I feel the map size is a bit small, i know you guys cant change this but it really doesnt take too long to get around by foot if your persistent.
Overal Shape: Really nice I can clearly see you guys put a lot of time into everything from the rough shape to detailed terraforming.

Overall map impression: I was very impressed and satisfied to find some cool builds of places i didnt even knew existed (Tharbad for example)

The server:
Not much to report here, I heared the server is located in Germany so I have little to no latency and it seems extremely stable even when 20+ people are on.

The Staff:
Friendly, ussually atleast 1 staff/guide/artist is online. They all seem knowledgable about the things their rank implies.
I've only had a slight issue with one person but I wasn't sure if he/she was kidding or just rude.
Generally a bit younger then I imagined tbh sometimes I feel a bit too old :p, I kinda felt like a world so rich with lore and good story would appeal a bit more mature audiance (no offense to young people really) that could apreciate it better but I guess awesomeness appeals to all.

This is where i was slightly dissapointed. I joined the server in good hope of contributing heavily. I've been talking to some designers letting them know they can contact me for the most trivial build stuff such as placing dirt cuz most of the time I just float around waiting for work to pop up.
I am still to visit to freebuild server though, I intend to visit that as soon as I have a day off perhaps I can rest some of my eagerness to contribute there.

The Community:
Another area I feel isn't bad but I've had some bumps with. When a new player joins everybody is like welcome blabla obligatory welcome.
After that not much attention is spent on new people which I kinda understand tbh because most of them leave after 5 minutes because they can't do much and I guess they only join because they see LotR or Middle Earth and think they can build/grief/pvp from the start.
But when a person like me with good intentions,patience and motivation joins you feel a bit left out. I think this has to do with that the server was "closed off" so long that people have formed groups of their own and it's a bit difficult to fit in. I probably wouldn't have been here if Rcpopcornman wouldn't have taken the time to personally talk to me and explain these things to me.

My plans:
I definitly plan to stick around quite a bit and help out where I can perhaps as mentioned earlier I can get some satisfaction on the freebuild server. I'm currently debating future plans of either applying for guide ( but i need to brush up on my lore quite a bit but thats what i enjoy most :).) or Artist but I'm not to confident in my skills as of yet but I've been able to get some good tips from the few jobs I have helped on.

Sorry for the long read, I really wrote this with the best intentions because I enjoyed my time here so far and I felt like some feedback wouldn't be the worst thing in the world :).

Yours truly,

Demonhuntr aka free slave labour

(P.S. Staff I feel like I've been creeping you out by hanging around you on the server but I'm just trying to pick up some tips on building and being around the people who can make the jobs makes it easier for me to jump in if there is a job to do.)


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey Demonhuntr! Thanks for the honest feedback.

I understand when you say there isn't much work to do in the server, but you can always build in the Freebuild server. I also recommend checking the Jobs and Projects sub forum regularly to know when there is a build contest going on in the main server, and to know what kind of jobs can happen.

About the community, well I never felt like it was hard to fit in. I do see people talking with newbies, you just have to talk more yourself. Using TeamSpeak and the forums, like you're doing, helps a lot too.

And don't be surprised that there are young people here. This is Minecraft :p and even though a lot of staff/guides/artists are teenagers, they all do a great work.


Hardcore MCME-er
I agree with a lot of the things, except for the part about the community. I never felt like I had a hard time when I joined nor did I feel left out but I can definitely see why you could feel like it (it's varies from person to person). This is mainly because we are (as you said) pretty young (most of us) and trying to make every single person who joins the server (around 20+ people everyday) feel like they're apart of the server would just take an insane amount of time. So we basically welcome people and give them the push to join the community themselves (and we rangers try to do the little extra with helping everybody and making them truly feel like they're apart of the community from the first visit).

Generally a bit younger then I imagined
I crie everitem :p


Hardcore MCME-er
I'm glad to see your opinions of our server! We can learn a lot from the ideas and opinions of others. In regards to some points you made, I would like to address them.

On jobs:
We are currently at a low point for jobs, as we are prepping areas for future projects. How can we give you a job, if there is nothing to give? However, there are a few projects being held across the server that you may be invited to take part in. In addition, there are always Themed Builds to take part in. While you might say building isn't your strong suit, I will tell you that anyone can learn to build. There are a plethora of tools and resources for you to use in aiding in this pursuit. If you wish to take part in more projects, then attaining artist will grant you that ability. This takes time however, and being here only 3.5 days is a very short timeframe to have such expectations.

On Community:
You've been here all of 3.5 days, any expectations of a communication with you starts by getting to know people. Ask @rcpopcornman, he's can attest that it took him a couple weeks to get aquatinted with the community. Sometimes, that means jumping into a channel and breaking your comfort zone. This community means the world to me, and it's very welcoming to everyone. Perhaps you haven't found your niche yet, but give it time. You'll break into the community and never want to leave!

Now I know the frustration of lack of consistent jobs, I understand, trust me. I've been around this server a long, long time. I appreciate you sharing your first opinions, as I believe many new players feel the same as you. With that being said, I do not believe three days is nearly enough time to get acquainted with server operations and the community. Time will reveal more to you, and I'm glad you plan on sticking around, as I would advise that to you. Perhaps, and I may be adding this on my own, you joined the server with an early expectation of how it would work and when it didn't match your predetermined expectations you felt upset by it. That's okay! But my advice to you is this, get involved with the community, and watch how you grow with the server. More opportunities will open for you once you have a reputation. Sitting in channels alone with the name "give me a job" won't attrect many people, because they know that we're working toward new areas, which require planning. We're glad you're here, and hope you can see that not all first impressions are necessary reflections of the truth.



Experienced Member
This Feedback is Amazing! Trust me, If you stick around, you'll be glad you decided to stay. If you see me around, give me a poke or a call and I'll happily have a chat with you. Speed is right, Jobs are getting quiet with the planning for new jobs, and I know its frustrating. But given you've been here nearly 4 days and getting to know the server, you are on the right track.

Anyways, I'll be around! ;)

Kyz =D


Hardcore MCME-er
First of all, very well written review! I'm glad you enjoy it here. Just stick around for a while. Most people who are polite and even know a reasonable amount of lore get Guide (but it's rare to receive it soon after you join, it takes a long time until people feel like they know you well enough) and for Artist...technically, to get Artist soon after you join, it takes a lot of natural skill, but honestly, I might have a chance of getting Artist (not much, mind you, but it's not nothing) because I've spent so much time just looking at the build quality. So, even if you don't get Guide, and don't think you're good enough for Artist, just stick around and practice, maybe ask for a staff member to give you some tips, and I bet you could get promoted!


Hardcore MCME-er
Welcome to MCME!
Great feedback too, in response to the community bit, about how its hard to fit in, one thing I would definately recommend is just getting teamspeak and talking with people in the community.
It can be hard joining conversations at first, because you don't know anyone, so I'd recommend starting with tour or job channels first!

Hope to see you on again man!