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Canceled NicTheFifth


Minecraft Username : NicTheFifth
Date Joined : January 2015
Country: Netherlands

Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak?
Do you actively speak on Teamspeak?
Do you have any particular skills?
I can easily connect with others, am a pretty ok guide and I can easily copy build styles.
Why are you applying for this rank?
Its the rank that I have been waiting for, the mix between guide and artist! Thank you fin and others for realizing this rank!!!!!!!


hon. Head Designer
Reasoned by the recent events related to your demotion to the Oathbreaker rank I decided not to consider you for the Foreman rank anymore for the time being. You may re-apply to the rank whenever you think you are ready to behave in an a way matching the requirements of a higher rank such as Foreman.