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'nilla survival!


Hardcore MCME-er
So, since there seems to be NO ONE ever on this server, I thought I'd try and get some attention to it.

survival.mcmiddleearth.com is a MCME vanilla 1.8 server.

I've been playing a couple of hours, and heres a little bit of my progress.

My first little island house. Everything I needed to "live" but no mobs, so ITS FOR SALE!

Comes with a pet spider!

My new digs. This is a rather large island (about 1000x1300 blocks) in the middle of a deep ocean biome. It has every kind of biome except the mesa one. And I cant find a single pig on the place!

Inside, almost finished enchant room in the basement, and sleeping in style on the 2nd floor!

Im at around +/- 15,xxx X +/- 17,xxx. That gives you 4 relatively close possible locations. Come and visit if you can find me.


Hardcore MCME-er
Not one official post anywhere regarding this besides seeing this thread here. Much surprise, many sarcasm
After seeing people talking about "the MCME survival" I didnt know the IP and just typed this one in assuming it was like all the other IP's (build/freebuild ect .mcmiddleearth.com)

When I joined the first time there were like 5 people on. Recently, the most was 3 including me. Why just this morning, I saw the elusive megga turtle!


Hardcore MCME-er
Yeah, the survival everyone was talking about was the summer event one. I didn't know about this one; I'll have to check it out!


Hardcore MCME-er
I'd heard about it, but I've been a little busy with schoolwork and sports, but I'll check it out! Maybe I can find out where you live and steal your animals...


Hardcore MCME-er
I will be all up on this beeotch tomorrow from about 9am EST till noon. I'm digging a 10x10 hole to bedrock and am gonna rape the land for some diamonds yo! Already got to level 20ish but my unbreaking II diamond pick broke and I am out of diamonds so couldn't repair, whoops.

If you think about it, I dug from level 70ish to +/-25 all in stones/granite ect. 10x10 is 100 blocks a layer. That's close to 5000 blocks with one pick.

...it was named digger. RIP DIGGER!!!


Experienced Member
Psh, that's nothing. I did a 30x30 quarry once!

(also I'd be all over this if I had any free time right now)


Aspiring Member
I have actually played on this server,but I didn't do anything because the Summer Event server was still up,and now I can't even go on Minecraft for the time being.


Hardcore MCME-er
Yes ivan , i can't login too
looks like the server is already broken :D
Not really, I was on for a few hours yesterday. And hopefully a few more tomorrow.

For the first time EVER in a survival server, I found a skelly spawner dungeon. Literally right at the bottom of a not too deep surface cave. The dungeon itself is attached to probably the biggest abandoned mineshaft Ive ever seen in game. I thought it was just big, until I realized it goes into a ravine, then across it at several different levels, and continues on the other side. Its like 7/8 levels and spans a couple hundred blocks on EACH SIDE of the ravine. already killed about 10 spider spawners, and found another dungeon/zombie spawner.
Needless to say, I have an excess of arrows (that are useless thanks to my unbreaking III/Infinity/Power bow) and enough bonemeal to grow wheat forever! And Im enchanting every book I can make with level 30's.



Hardcore MCME-er
Come to our base, we have a whole skelly spawner grinding setup! ;)
We do too. As soon as I found it I set it up.

I've got plenty of experience finding them in single player. This just happens to be the first time on a server that I found one while not even really looking. And I'm not implying anything, but a lot of times I'm positive the way people find them is X-rays. 30 minutes into joining the server and you've got full diamond armor/weapons/enchants and a fully functional xp grinder? Seems legit