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Nindalf island-shape-thread


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The last few weeks have been marked by the big server crash. It disturbed our community and generally modified MCME, which is today more than ever going through a period of change. But you don’t have to worrie guys, the Nindalf island-shape-thread is BACK IN THE GAME!
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The Nindalf island-shape-thread-team is back from its summer recess, Yay! (This is you, cheering)

Hundreds, nay thousands of hardworking men are helping MCME reaching its final goal. (Thanks for that, hardworking men!) The completion of the map is approaching, if only just at a slow pace. It still has some dramatic consequences!
NINDALF IS COMPLETED! No more shapes to talk about... )':

Well, so let's turn this into a Harithilien valley-shape-thread, Yay! (awesome isn't it?)

Here we go: