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Manual Treebuilder
Minecraft Username: NinjaPotafo

Date I joined: December 26, 2013

Current Rank: Commoner

Themed Builds Participated in: Lots, but I'm only gonna use the photos from Forranest, using mainly my builds from around the Freebuild and Build Server (Plotworld).

Links to Builds:
Forranest Themed Build: Ithilien Tree Concept (Treebuild Freebuild): Kheled-Dum Project: Menegroth Build (unfinished): Andunie (Westernesse) Houses for Jace: Minor Dol Guldur bridge concept: http://imgur.com/a/cUTkS
Nordinbad Build: http://imgur.com/a/sKtnM
Rivendell House Concept: in a little bit I'll update for these
Thorin's Halls Trees: http://imgur.com/a/scAfq
Oak Tree (maybe for Ithilien): http://imgur.com/a/NjKxU
Orc Caves (Angband): http://imgur.com/a/EHRJB#Vs0o5nn
Side note for the Kheled-Dum link: I did the trees in those pics. All of them.

Preffered Building Style: I like building anything really. I am very fond of building Dwarf Builds, but I recently also found that I am really good at building terrain, trees, and doing caves / Orc camps.

Reason I think I would be a good Artist: I have been on the server for a while now, and I've had a lot of experience building, looking at other's builds, taking jobs, and making friends. I have a LOT of experience with building and copying styles, as well as freebuilding. Recently, I’ve been spending most of my time on the Freebuild Server, but I am still active. I am on every day for at least an hour, but more often two or three, so I will be able to help with whatever jobs need doing.

Projects that I am part of:
-Dol Guldur
-Carn Dum
-Thangorodrim/ Angband (Head of Project)
I hope these help to show that I have a wide range of building skills, and will be willing and able to help with almost any build.

I really appreciate you guys looking at this application, please consider me for Artist. I really want to help with this amazing world build in any way I can, and I would love to be of more use. I’m so excited for Mordor! Hope I can help you with that! Thanks so much!
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One Of Us
If the first tree screenshot is on the left side of KD, front entrance, pretty sure I did at least 10-15 of those trees..

Your screenshot may have been taken before I added them in though.