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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : nitro740
Date Joined : 19 August 2014
Themed Build(s) participated in: Ruins of Lond Daer, Pelargir, Grond, Paths of the Dead, Tol Falas, Old Man Willow, (New) Tower of the Teeth [IC],
Non-Theme Build Project(s) participated in: Gondolin Project led by ThijsdeBruin
Non-Theme Build Project(s) leading: Thaurband Project (WIP) @ {/warp Thaurband Project}
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your preferred building style? When I first joined this server I truly believed that I was only going to be building Gondor structures, but as I've done more Theme Builds and built a tower for the Gondolin Project mentioned above I have become more comfortable with many a variety of building styles, yet I will stay restricted on trees and ghostly structures.

Title Key: TB = Theme Build; PB = Project Build; IC = Incomplete

Note: If something is labeled as incomplete, it is most likely because I have been busy doing other things in my life, and would have completed if I had more time.
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