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Finished Northern Gondor Villages


Hardcore MCME-er
Any specifications /or requirements other than some similarities with the images?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean here, but just so you know, only Artists and Staff can build without a job. If a Foreman starts a job, then you are welcome to help with building:)

Btw, do /job check in game to see if any jobs are running.


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Yeah, I was just wondering mostly about size restrictions and color palettes.

I know about the building thing, Like I said just wondering :p


Staff member
Here is a project update btw:

1) Complete (rwyland) - Grassed
1.5) Complete (rwyland)
2) Complete (bobingvar) - Finished Farms
2.5) Complete (bobingvar)
3) Complete (Glovenator)
3.5) Complete (Glovenator)
4) Removed
4.5) Complete (BigJey)
5) Complete (MaD)
5.5) Complete (Me)
6) Complete (wollip)
6.5) Complete (demon)
7) On Hold
7.5) On Hold
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hon. Head Designer
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you can only roll back when players place or destroy blocks, for WE and Voxel you need //undo resp. /u, and the corresponding edit history got wiped in the server crash.


Hardcore MCME-er
I'd think it would be possible for Q to reload the chunk on an old map save and paste it in? or maybe that would cause more issues than its worth. idk.