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Nvidia Opengl Driver [Error Code:8]


Hardcore MCME-er
Was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before, or may know the source of the issue. I've checked countless forums posts online with no clear answer.
I've tried updating my driver, installing old drivers. And the problem abated for a small while, but it keeps coming back.

I'd also note that the issue only occurs when i'm running shaders. Usually when i'm running Shaders and Shadowplay at the same time.

Save me tech ppl.


One Of Us
I have gotten this many times. There really isn't a fix, it's just Nvidia's problem. I believe it is because most shaders don't work with the 900 series cards; Seus had this issue, but sonic ether got a 980 and was able to fix it. Most of the other shaders have not fixed the issue. You have one and I'm assuming you're not using a newer Seus shader.