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[Official] MCME Derp Report Thread


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I found some Lighting errors in an area near Trollshaws. The last screenshot shows the coordinates of where I was. There could be a lot more around there but that's all I found


Update: There's a lot more if you follow the footprints from there
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This Stream near Wellinghall has an open side. However I am not familiar with very down-flowing streams so this may be normal.


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Sorry that this isn't a very specific derp but anyway:

There are a number of watchtower flets scattered throughout lothlorien, generally near the boundaries. Some of them have double-sided ladders, a holdover from before minecraft displayed the texture from either side of a ladder. Now it looks ugly because they are too thick. I have gotten a few fixed but I know I also missed some. Make sure to check all floors.


I fixed the light glitches in Bree as well as between Bree and Weathertop (I forced the light updates by manually placing solid blocks in the fake light sources and then removing them). It seems the light glitches were caused by a race minigame as the lights were placed at even intervalls and wherever there was a light glitch there were always four fake light sources in the exact configuration as the glowstone blocks on a race checkpoint.