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Ok, new to the thread old to ME in MC


Starting Adventurer
Hi, I'm WhiteWolf001. On modded servers I'm Glossenra (elvish for white of wolf). I've built and am currently (due to a reset) re-building Thranduil's halls in survival on the modded server I play on. I thought I'd offer my designs and services to this epic vanilla server. I'd be glad to help with the halls or any build when I have the time.
Please let me know if and when you will need help, and I'll do my best

For Pictures of my modded builds:
Images - WhiteWolf's LOTR BUILDS - Worlds - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge

I've also built half of the main gate of Erebor in that down-lode, and I simply haven't gotten to taking a picture of it yet.


Hardcore MCME-er
Be sure to attach pictures of at least a themed build made on our server for check your skills as builder (that is required for obtain the rank). Wish you luck for the application