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Old Account


Starting Adventurer
I used to help the server way back in 2014, had a blue rank which I forgot the name. Recently I tried to log onto my old e-mail account and apparently it was deleted, so I had to create another one with this same e-mail. I'd like to know why was that account lost, and if there is any way to redeem it.


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
There was a website server crash in Februar 2014. It was some months before I joined, so I'm not sure. But I think all forum post and account data inclusive backups were lost. There are no posts on the forum before March 1st of 2014.
The blue rank you had was probably Commoner which we reintroduced some weeks ago. If you are active on the server and help with some jobs or plotbuilds you should get that rank back quite quickly. Guides and Staff will vote for you ingame and you will receive experience points. Once your xp bar is full you will be promoted to Commoner automatically.