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Finished Ominous Tyrant Pumpkin Man


Hardcore MCME-er
Ominous Tyrant Pumpkin Man

~ Description ~

In nigh of Halloween, MCME is in preparation of the Halloween festivities. You may have seen some decorations and props around the map to signify the event and these have been done by staff and artists. I thought it would be a better idea to get the whole of community involved in a Plotbuild that I have setup on the Plotworld; Ominous Tyrant Pumpkin Man

~ Background ~

Ominous Tyrant Pumpkin Man, a demigod of the Underworld conjured by the Necromancer has emerged to seek revenge upon the free-peoples of Middle-Earth. Too long has he heard the cries of his fellow brethren tracked down and roasted from the Scavenger Hunt's ran by Shire-Men as part of their annual traditions. He has had enough and now wants to send a message by terrorising a town-ship where the citizens hold most of their heart; Bree

~Build Info~

Plotbuild will last for 5 days (23rd of October 2014 to 28th of October). Voting Poll will start on the 29th and finish on the 31st (GMT+1 12.00am).

Winning Person on the Poll (and end approval by me (soz :p) ) will have their build placed on the server.

~ Build Guidelines ~
  • Plotbuild is located on Plotworld where the Warp is /warp PumpkinMan
  • One plot per person only = One Submission... make it your best!
  • To claim a lot, place a sign on the Red wool block to the left hand corner of the plot
  • Building within your Plot and try not to build outside your own plot or conflict with someone else's
  • Please make sure you start your build substantially and finish it. Lots that do not show that work has been done after a few hours will be given to someone else
  • Please try make the Pumpkin man as tall (or abit taller than the House in the plots)
  • Animate the Pumpkin Man as if he tearing a hole off the roof, picking up a piece of roof off the house or smashing the house
  • Please message me (Iru) if all current lots are occupied and I'll set you up with a new plot.