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Early 2015
I have participated is nothing big making of farms roads and streams/rivers
My media
I like building landscapes (rivers and naturalizing things) i like building hobbit holes because it shows 2 types of building skills
I applied for artist because i love this server and i am dedicated and regularly trying to get involved with jobs and helping out new members. Also i admit i have flaws such as interior i feel if i was an artist it would give me the knowledge and skill to improve where i lack skill. I need to be more confident which i think i am getting better at as i now everyday get involved with the community
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Head Developer
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Head Developer
Thank you for your application!
Nice to hear that you like to make landscapes as I still have a large amount of rivers and fields to do. I had very few time to make jobs during the last weeks, will make more in the days ahead :).

I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted:
First you should post some screenshots of your builds here to show us your building skills. Best would be to post screens of themed builds but you can also post builds you made on single player. Use of MCME resource packs is prefered but not necessary.
Second you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<. When you finished such a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.


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Thank you for your application!
Here some feedback on the builds you made:
With your arnorian fortress you have a great overally concept; stone wall surrounding some wooden buildings. My first tip is that you improve the walls of the wooden buildings: Currently they are entirely flat, and the houses perfectly rectangular. What we do on MCME in practically every building is giving it more depth (and hence make it look more detailed and interesting) by having a wall with two layers, an inner and an outer one; in your case you could have the logs shifted one block further out to make up the outer layer and the white part is then the inner layer. Check out the structure of e.g. the buildings in Gondor to understand what I mean. Furthermore theres many other things you can add to walls to make them look nice and fancy: Windows (very essential!!), flower beds, overhanging roofs, ... Here too, check out the buildings on the server for many a great idea.
The most significant thing on your hobbit hole I'd like to say is the shape of the corridors: The cross-section of yours are square-shaped (3x3 blocks), but what makes a much nicer Hobbit hole is when it is round (as far as Minecraft allows that). Additionally try thinking of some more things you could furnish a hobbit hole with, tables, shelves, fireplaces... Here too: Check the hobbit holes on the servers for infinite ideas ;-)