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Accepted ooitsbirdo


Lead Builder
Staff member
Lead Builder
So after a long time of @Tyranystrasz nagging me to apply he has convinced me to this app for artist (if anything is wronge blame him)

Minecraft Username : ooitsbirdo
Date Joined :
i think it was 17th feb 2014
Themed Build participated in: I have no idea how many i have done, and i mostly never finished them
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: Because i dont have any pictues of my theme build, soo i decided post pictures of all the things i have done on main. Balme (tyr if this is wrong)
What is your prefered building style?
I love building houses in any style and i love ruinning builds (i love it a lot), and i also love doing all the small droog jobs like building farm walls and ruinnign roads and so on.