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oops i did it again...


Hardcore MCME-er

Hey so,

I have good news and bad news. The good news is my research is going really well and I am gearing up to apply to graduate school in the Fall. The bad news is I am incredibly busy and think it is time for me to once again step back from the role of Designer. I simply do not have the time and/or effort necessary to give projects the love and affection they deserve in order to produce the best outcome. I have always been of the opinion that Staff should give it their all and, if they cant, step back so someone more motivated can take their place. Plus when I am able to come on, it is typically in the late evenings on the west coast of the US when 99% of the people who play on the server are asleep, so, its difficult to make any progress.

You all are incredibly talented and my favorite community to be a part of. Keep up the amazing work while I am away alright?

I may come back again, we will see how the world plays out, but it definitely won't be for at least several months. If it is not too much to ask, I would like to retain the rank of Artist in order to slowly finish up my remaining builds.

Fire / Frnfrn / Fiyah


Unfinished Projects:
- Moria Barrack (f5): I will finish this, it will just take time.
- Mordor Borders: @BWOT is leading the last section in the East. Otherwise done.
- Northwest of Mordor:
- Dead Marshes: Terrain prep is done.
- Noman Lands: @mattlego has done a great job prepping this area. It should be relatively easy to finish once the Mordor RP is finished.
- Dagorlad: Untouched, will need to be worked on once Mordor begins.
- Black Gate: Carved out, but will need work. I wanted to leave this region open to whoever ends up building the gate itself, as I am sure adjustments will need to be made
- Entwash and Nindalf Sources: @Tyranystrasz is working on this. Someone needs to finish this.​

- Textures: always happy to design a couple of textures, especially with the Mordor RP gearing up in the near future. Please just PM me a list on the forums with pics and I will see to it.
- Social Media: @Eriol_Eandur is currently running our Facebook page single handedly. Would be great if 2 more people joined to help out, especially with setting up the Instagram account.
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Hardcore MCME-er
Hey Fire, really sorry to see you leave again. I will try my best to finish the border. If you haven't heard though Tyran has left the Designer team it seems like and possibly the whole community. (Would be really good to have him back though @Tyranystrasz . Thanks for all that you have done Fire. You have been a great help to the entirety of the server and if you ever feel you are up to take the task again we will gladly welcome you back. Thanks a lot.