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Paths of the Dead speedruns!


Hardcore MCME-er
So since we have a Moria speedruns thread, I thought we should also have a Paths of the Dead speedrun one since it's now finished!
It's much shorter than Moria. My lowest time was 3:07, my average 3:12. But it has more obstacles and you can't sprint and jump all the time.
Sadly I get around 8 FPS when recording my screen so making a video would be tricky right now.
Just like in the Moria speedruns, flying is not allowed, and you should provide a video as evidence for it to count.


Hardcore MCME-er
My time was 3:38, but due to having an even slower FPS than @Lady_Of_Rohan , I was unable to record a video either :(.
I might have matched her time, but I am awful at not running into obstacles constantly!!


3:07 :D

Sorry for the quality, i had to set almost all settings to minimum and record by capturing part of my screen (CameraStudio not working). That's why it freezes in few places, but I don't think the video is shorter than it really was. You can check if you want :p

I made many mistakes so I think it's possible to do it under 3 minutes :)



Aspiring Commoner
Yes, that was my time. I did fly, I hope that's allowed. I actually got this exact time twice in a row.


Hardcore MCME-er
I think we need to set up a separate category for the long path. Someone needs to try braving the dead city!


Aspiring Commoner
This was my time through the paths of the dead without flying. I think it might just be possible to break the 3:00 minute mark, but I'm not sure.
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