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Finished Paths of the Dead


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Paths of the Dead [FINISHED]
Warp: Paths of the Dead (entrance) or dpaths (current stage)

Leader: Despot666
Reserve leader: Finrod_Amandil
Project Staff: none

Background lore (wiki):

In S.A. 3320 the realm of Gondor was founded. At that time Isildur set upon the crown of the hill of Erech a black stone and called upon the King of the Mountains to swear allegiance to him, which he did. However, when Sauron attacked Gondor in S.A. 3429 and Isildur called upon the Men of the Mountains to honor their oath, they refused. Isildur then cursed them and their king, proclaiming that they would have no rest until the oath was fulfilled.
The Men of the Mountains fled before Isildur's wrath, hid in the mountains away from other men, and dwindled away. Thereafter their haunts, the hill of Erech and the Paths of the Dead, became places of terror to living men.
In T.A. 2569 Prince Baldor of Rohan, celebrating the completion of the great hall of Meduseld, vowed to traverse the Paths of the Dead. He never returned and his father, King Brego, died of grief a year later.
On 8 March Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the Grey Company took the Paths of the Dead. A few days before Aragorn had told his two companions that he had used the Orthanc-stone and seen a grave threat to Gondor coming from the South. From Elrond Aragorn had received a reminder concerning the paths of the dead, and he related to them the prophecy of Malbeth.
Before the Door only Aragorn's strength of will enabled his companions to overcome their fears and enter the Paths of the Dead. In the central cavern they came upon Baldor's remains, which they left behind as Aragorn summoned the Dead to follow him. Stumbling onward in the dark, Aragorn and the others emerged from the Paths above Erech, where they hurried to the Stone.
At the Stone of Erech, at midnight, Aragorn unfurled his banner, declared himself the heir of Isildur, and commanded the Dead to aid him.

General Plan

Because of the project specific nature (undeground, same map) it will be done in stages. One stage includes voxeling interior (voxel balls to measure space, smoothing, etc) and filling with structures. I want to make both movie fans and book fanatics happy.

Testing how much space is under the mountains (one location) [done]
Stage 1:
Maze of tunnels, Baldor Cave [done]
Stage 2:
Undeground ruins and City Entrance [done]
Stage 3:
Main city hall, Throne room [done]
Stage 4: Temple of the Dead [done]
Stage 5:
Exit area [done]
Stage 6: Valley and Stone of Erech [done]

Locations that appeared in books:

Tunnels, cave with Baldors corpse, Stone of Erech, exit area with stream.
Locations that were in movie:
Forgotten (ghost) City.
Locations made for artistic effect & make things more interesting:
Undeground ruins, expanding the city, blocked paths to another undeground areas, Temple of the Dead.
Specific ideas:
Make paths split inside Baldor's cave: one path will lead to movie like locations (city), one will be tunnels to exit area (books).


s - means location will have spiritual form of buildings
red - need of terrain update/change


To do list:
Stage 1: [done]

-voxeling tunnels
-detailing tunnels
-voxeling and detailing Baldor cave
Stage 2: [done]
-voxelinng ruins area [done]
-planning ruins [done]
-filling ruins [done]
-detailing ruins [done]
-voxeling city entrance [done]
-making layout [done]
-filling area [done]
-making details & smoothing [done]
Stage 3: Main city hall, Throne room
-voxeling main cave [done]
-throne room area
Stage 4: Temple of the Dead
-voxeling & planning
-adding details
Stage 5: Exit area [done]
-voxeling & planning
-finishing touches
Stage 6: Valley and stone of Erech
-voxeling the terrain
-adding everything

If want to know anything, ask in the thread.
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Right now i need artists to finish detailing the tunnels. Not done areas between arrows (follow orange wool arrows for jobs, purple for style example). Pick one fragment (between arrows), follow the example style and additional signs, then put green wool with ur name in middle of the chosen part. We will check the tunnel and mark what can be improved.


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There are already far more paths in the Paths than I expected. It's looking great so far.

(Man, to know what was behind the door Baldor was clawing at...)


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According to what I see on the mud map above, it seems like in the book he was hewing at the door that leads to the path they take in the movie. =D


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Guess he really wanted to see the glowy houses. :D

I really would kill to know how the project leaders keep track of areas that are as ridiculously labyrinthine as the current tunnel maze. I have a decent sense of spatial awareness and visual memory, but I was barely able to keep anything straight down there, much less attempt to plan out how everything should connect properly. You guys are mad geniuses.


Okay, folks, I'm doing texture work for this, and I need to know what blocks I have available for my uses. PotD will be using the Gondor Pack, and we've got a laundry list of blocks we'd like to create for it. But there's no sense in making blocks we don't have a slot for, so I'd love some help identifying what blocks I can and can't requisition from Gondor. Below is a screenshot of all the Hardened Clay blocks in the Gondor RP.

Anyone have an idea which of those are free for me to retexture?

For the sake of clarity, just identify them as follows:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
[9] [10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]