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Accepted Patrick_0901


Staff member
Minecraft Username: Patrick_0901
Date Joined: September 2016
Country: The Netherlands

Are you a lot in discord/teamspeak?
Yes whenever I join the server I always check the discord channel to see if there is someone online to have a chat with
Do you actively speak on the voice channels?
Absolutely when I join a discord channel I always want to let people know im there, and I know most of the members and always like to have a chat with them.
Do you have any particular skills?
Yes I am really good at communicating and organising several people at once, also I am a capable builder I have helped with several builds projects and terrain, and currently I run my own builds, I have done a lot of work in moria aswell as in gondor.
Why do you apply for this rank?
I apply because I like to let the building progress on our server go even faster, that means I like to offer more work for artists and guides in jobs wherever its needed, but also offer jobs for our new members, that way they can practise their building skills and experience our server, so they Will be motivated even more.
We have a great server and we have to show that to our entire community.

I hope you will take this into considiration



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Hardcore MCME-er
Hey pat,
thanks for your application! I believe you have been contacted for the trial job already by Fin/Dyno to take place at sometime during (Europpean) today's evening? Not 100% sure on the exact time, perhaps you can remind of that if it's already been arranged.

Concerning the task of your trial job, Fin, Dyno and myself have decided it would be suitable for you to host your trial job in Dol Amroth. I have prepared some plots to the farthermost west of DA, the plots have been color-coded to represent the wealth of the houses. The color-code for now is:

Brown = Poor housing - For these you should use thatch as the roof (exact roof material will be marked on each house). For examples of these houses check out the thatch houses outside the city walls.
Grey = Middle class - Basically just like the houses you see around DA. Though if you can please make each house unique, and different, basically so that we don't start developing too much of a set style. Feel free to have crazy houses with completely flat walls or whatever, just make them individually different!
Purple = Rich class - For these houses try to make them generally a bit taller, in base and tudor. Make them a bit more complex than standard houses, try to think of things rich houses would have that you wouldn't see in other class houses, covering the underside of the shingles with wood for example. Again, make them all different and unique!

PS: the wood block on the information list can be used as the roof, id make sure the wood roof is mainly just a 45 degree stair block inclination, also the wood roofs should be flat and straight unlike the thatch roofs can be all curvy and what not (like the thatch roofs outside the city).

Also so that you know which houses are for your trial job, I have marked each house that will be used for your job with a cyan wool block. And directly above each house will be the information you'll need, this is just so that the information won't be covered up by the house and so that you can still see it after the house is completed. Make sure you have each builder mark their name on the WIP block on the house information, don't let them start until they do that, to avoid confusion.

I'll try and be there for the job, however it's your trial job so I won't intervene anyway.

Good luck!

- Eaglz
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Thanks for this information Eagle, the job is planned this Saturday around 3 o clock european time, im Very pleased about the subject of the job sound like a challenging one but a good one, i hope i can make it a succesfull job for everyone participating in it.