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Finished Pelargir Dome Contest


Hardcore MCME-er
Maybe you thought you wouldn't have another contest for a while.
But it is with pleasure that I tell you "You were wrong."
Next up is the new...

Pelargir Dome Contest


Concept image for your dome.
You've probably seen the huge yellow wool outline in Pelargir and said to yourself, "Hm, I wonder who will build that." Well, now you have the answer, and that answer is, YOU.

The dome in Pelargir was built by the Faithful, those Numenoreans still loyal to the Valar, who built it as a place to worship the Valar. The Faithful were also good friends of the elves. Therefore, they also carried the name "Elf-friends," along with "Elendili."

Build Guidelines: Because of the function of this building, it should contain shrines or altars dedicated to the Valar, and/or some token of friendship with the elves.
Our beloved Head Designer Credoo has made a beautiful mini-model for your reference.

The green represents a garden area.
As you can see, the dome should not only be a dome, but it should contain a garden with a covered pathway around it.
It can follow either the "standard" Pelargir style seen in the majority of the city, a style similar to Osgiliath, or the style seen in the courthouse and rich district. It's up to you.


You will have three weeks to finish your dome, making the finishing date Sunday, April 26th. The finished entries will be judged by the Pelargir project leaders, and 3 finalists will be chosen. If you possess the considerable skill needed to get into the top 3, you will receive feedback on your entry, and you'll have until Sunday, May 3 to make any changes before the final judging.

  • 1 group/person per plot (must apply on the forums and be given a plot before starting)
  • You may not participate in multiple groups/builds
  • Build a dome worthy of Gondor
Register in this format by posting in this thread

Team name: name
Team members: member 1, member 2, etc.

After registering, please wait for your team to be given a plot before commencing. You can do /warp Plot [Plot number] while in plotworld to get to your plot, or do /warp Pelargir Dome Contest, also while in plotworld, and fly there. Please place a sign with your team name or team members.

Questions? Post in this thread or ask any one of the Pelargir project staff (myself, @Credoo, @wodleth, or @kisos).

Participating Teams:
  • LetsSeeIfICanBuild (/warp Plot 1)
  • Ivan Left Us! (/warp Plot 2)
  • OnO (/warp Plot 3)
  • Team Staff (/warp Plot 4)
  • ProbablyNotGunnaFinish (/warp Plot 5)
  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ (/warp Plot 6)
  • ThoNic (/warp Plot 7)
  • I Have No Friends (/warp Plot 8)
  • IgooWbit (/warp Plot 13)
  • I will try but i will fail try #4 greece bird (/warp Plot 9)
  • IronBunny (/warp Plot 10)
  • Pancakes (/warp Plot 11)
  • xX_d34thsh4dowt34mn4m3_Xx (/warp Plot 12)

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Bombur, can I join your team?
Well, it would be with pleasure, but the problem is, while (I think) I'm OK with written English, I'm not comfortable with oral English, even on public projects, so the communication wouldn't be good :/ (RorchardMask, for its part, is a real life friend of mine) ...


Hardcore MCME-er
Oh, you did'nt copied the terrain :( ? I wanted to do an underground lore easter egg section.


Hardcore MCME-er
By easter egg, I just wanted to say a hidden feature, but, as I said, lore-friendly ;) .

EDIT : After verification, this could only be lore-friendly during Fourth Age, so I abandon the idea :( .