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Pheonix Resourcepacks

Would you rather have 128 HD packs or 64 HD packs?

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Hardcore MCME-er
***Votes Yes for 128x128, Vote No for 64x64***

Sorry for confusion, 1am editing ftw

I've asked around on the server a few times and it seems that nearly nobody can run my 128x128 HD Resourcepacks because they are so resource intensive to mid to low tier PC's. So I've stopped working on them until I get further feedback here. Let me clarify that there is literally nothing I can do about the 128 demanding resources. Even with a bare-bones HD pack, its still going to pull a lot of resources.

I did some playing around over the course of about an hour and this is what I came up with for a possible 64x64 pack.



Builds diagonally
Just clarifying, yes is for 128 and no is for 64 right? The way you worded leaves it a little vague.