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Phe's MCME 2014 Halloween Maps


Hardcore MCME-er
Anyone who has scrolled for images online of Middle-Earth or viewed the Jackson films can find an appreciation for the maps displayed in these mediums, but for those of us who wander Minecraft Middle-Earth we are not so lucky.

Aided before with only a dynmap we were pretty much left alone to discover the world by ourselves....

But no longer!

Taken from a full resolution image of 24,000 x 22,000 pixels, I've created maps for anyone looking to print off and create a neat poster, or just have a reference image while exploring MCME.

Each map comes in 4 different display sizes:
  • 1460 x 1080
  • 2920 x 2160
  • 5840 x 4320
  • 6218 x 4600 (roughly 1/4th the original resolution of 24k x 22k)
You can also chose between which Maps you would like to use:
  • A parchment emulated map
  • A parchment emulated map with texts
  • A full colored emulated map
  • A full colored emulated map with texts
Samples (these are the lowest resolution maps):

  • parchment emulated map

  • parchment emulated map with texts

  • full colored emulated map

  • full colored emulated map with texts


Resources used in the creation of these maps:

  1. Minecraft Middle-Earth Build Server
  2. JourneyMap Mod w/ Forge
  3. Gimp 2.8
  4. Conquest Resourcepack
  5. MCME Gondor Resourcepack
  6. Custom Tolkienian Text.tff
  7. 26 Hours of patience while flying around to render the map
- Phe

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0eNiGrju78-OFUzQ0o2bUNZeXc/view?usp=sharing

Click the down arrow to download the .rar file

*side note*

Because this was done in October and while portions of the map are under construction (for example: The Misties and Harithilien) some bits of the map are rendered and shown this way.
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Hardcore MCME-er
That's awesome! But the text is barely readable. Couldn't if be black? Or white?

Also it would be so cool if it was a vector, svg file instead of a 24k x 22k raster image.
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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
This is like super-awesome!!!

I just recently started to screenshot the dynmap out in little bits to get a map to make a comeback of my old map - map, but now i'd like to ask you @pheonixsang if i possibly cold use your work for that?. I would use Photoshop and will also give the mod a try myself so that i can overlay the areas that are WIP with more up-to-date renders. Thus we'd have a map that can constantly be updated...