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Canceled Playser


Starting Adventurer
Oct 15, 2018
Jobs and Plotbuilds:
-Building Trees with RubenPieterMark
-Building houses/plots in Moria with NicTheFifth
-Add vegetation in Osgiliath with Oberanio
-Sewers with TotiGonzales on the „Unofficial“ Build day
-Building tombs on the Build day
-Looking for mistakes because of a new RP with (i think) barteldvn
-Troll`s Cave (x: 1680.532 z: 32065.036; small cave entrance)
Theme: Troll`s Cave
-Ilmarin (x: -3.348 z: 32308.565; flying castle)
Theme: Ilmarin
-Siege Engines (x: 109.753 z: 32480.378; attack on a city)
Theme: Siege Engines
-Watchtower (x: -704.929 z: 33318.268; tower with landscape)
Theme: Watchtower
-Temple (x: -626.776 z: 33480.500; watertemple in a forest)
Theme: Temple
-{FFA} Ships (x: -110.698 z: 34686.054; kraken attacking a warship)
Theme: (FFA) Ships
-Amon Sul (x: -542.558 z: 37014.559; tower)
Theme: Amon Sul
-Dunland (x: 523.505 z: 37228.134; village with farming fields)
Theme: Dunland
-Corsair Ships (x: 69.356 z: 37372.359; corsair warship)
Theme: Corsair Ships
-Anorien (x: -1028.541 z: 38485.728; little house with landscape)
Theme: Anorien
-Lake-town (x: 437.540 z: 38595.337; little town with underwaterworld)
Theme: Lake-town
-Not finished Themes (House of Tulkas (x: 325.746 z: 32650.136; castle on a flying island)
, Dol Guldur (x: 1820.831 z: 35907.236; black castle) , Gate of Erebor (x: 861.621 z: 37545.184; entrance into mountain))
Additional Builds:
-Hobbithole Plot, Starwars Plot, Rollercoaster Plot, Oberanio and me in Freebuild

-Houses (x: 1710.462 z: 454.599; houses in dol amroth style)
-Houses (x: 1698.444 z: 453.151; houses in rimaer style)
Freebuild 2

Your interests:
-I like to build vegetation and creative stuff, also landscape. I prefer not a special building style.
-I like to build LotR stuff, historical elements and nature
Your motivation:
-I like to build and i want to be a part of this big project
-I like the community of the server and the teamwork
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Hardcore MCME-er
Hey Playser, thank you for applying. I know we never got back to you and I am very sorry about that. Are you still interessted in pursuing the rank, I haven't seen you on for a while.


Hardcore MCME-er
Good to hear @Playser, remember that to have an active artist application: keep on updating with pictures and descriptions on your main post, and then a reply ""UPDATE" to the thread. Even though we don't reply to every update we can see how you are growing and staying active in the community!

You definitley have been around for a while and a lot of themebuilds under your belt. However, in regards to style of these builds I feel it is at odds of what we are doing more recent in MCME. I would fly around in some of our new locations: Dol Amroth, Moria, Anorien, Belfalas and observe the details / layout / and overall style. Also, if you have the chance to do any more jobs or plots in those locations, that is ideal too.

The first step in being an Artist is being able to replicate styles given to you by Designers. Creating unique styles which fit into MCME then follows with time and practice. I don't think you have to necessarily do any more themebuilds, but instead in freebuild demonstrate you can reproduce similar quality and style as we have on map. For future updates then try to do some buildings / houses of those regions in Gondor or a hall in Moria and post screenshots of them. If you could also make a new section to your artist application to differentiate this new work (I would call it simply "Freebuild") that would be great. Good luck!


Starting Adventurer
-Added new section "Freebuild"
-Added screenshots in the section "Freebuild" (Houses in dol amroth style)


Starting Adventurer
-Added screenshots in the section "Freebuild" (Houses in rimaer style)


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
This application is now declined due to inactivity of over a month. Just post here again to open it back up.