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Please, help me find 2Bucks server coverage video (details inside)


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Guys, please help me, you're my last hope! Does anyone have saved file on computer/archived video somewhere/link to a working video... Anything... Video that i'm looking for was deleted on youtube.


  • Video was posted by user IGive2Bucks (known as "2 Bucks").
  • Channel name was "Gameplays247", later changed to "Minecraft Battles & Adventures"
  • Exact title was: "Minecraft Middle Earth Pt. 1 - Epic Lord of the Rings Server! (The Shire/Rivendell)"
  • Uploaded on: May 20, 2011
  • Duration: 9:03
  • (dead) Link to a video

Why do I need it so much?

Few years ago, when I had pirated copy of MC, I saw that many players loved different Let's Play videos, so I tried to watch them, but didn't like any of them. And then, one day I found out about this server, and watched video on youtube about it, and it made me want to buy a license and play on MCME, what I actually did some time after. I loved this video so much, watched it many-many times and wanted to watch again to relieve the nostalgia, I got a lot of Minecraft memories about it, my and my friends first private server has a build based on Hobbit hole that has been showcased on video... It might be the only Minecraft video I loved so much.

Description of a video:

For those, who might wanna help and/or not remember details I provided above
There was no intro, it just started with 2Bucks singing Lord Of The Rings main theme (like "bom-bom, bombombombom") and simultaneously saying something like "what's up guys it's 2 Bucks here, and we're doing coverage of Minecraft Middle Earth/Lord of the rings server", video started it in Hobbit house, then he quit, and some other players joined him (on skype too? We could hear they voices on video anyway). I remember there was some nice jokes, especially that one about him knowing that dementor being from narnia, not lord of the rings, and some few others. Also, the guide or other player had Jesus skin, and there was player with TRON skin, that he joked about also.

What I have tried?
  • Tried to find 2 Bucks contacts (guys won't give me his mail, and, well, it's ok)
  • WebArchive (no snapshot has archived video)
  • Tried to search it in Google (every page has link to Youtube)
Any help would be so much appreciated.

TL;DR: Nostalgia struck me, wanted to watch a video of 2Bucks doing coverage of your server, found out it has been deleted. Does anyone has this video?


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Just come on the server and enjoy it all for yourslelf... Or there is a MCME YouTube channel with showcases of places (most recent pelagrir.)


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Thanks for invintation, but I liked a little bit awkward aesthetic of beta Minecraft, and a little amount of blocks used to build hobbit hole, and wihtout using a Resource Pack... The video has so much nostalgia... Sure thing i'll visit it later, but I still need this video so much :\