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[Plotbuild] Chamber of Light Ruining


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Are you rather the destructive than constructive kind of person? Are your fingers itching to grief some place where other players invested a lot of time and love? Then here's your chance to vent your malicious energies: Present to you the

Chamber of Light Ruining Plotbuild
I've made all the houses and some of the bridges (including the most massive triple-bridge) into Plotbuild plots. Feel free to claim any of these!

Plotbuild instructions:
  • Find a plot: Type /plot list colruin1 [page number]
  • Click one of the plots that says "not started", the warp command will be placed into your chat input.
  • Claim the plot by standing inside the plot and typing /plot claim.
  • If you want you can invite other players to help you out by typing /plot invite <player>
  • When you're done with your plot mark it as finished using /plot finish. It then will be reviewed and either accepted or feedback will be given.
  • After you marked a plot as finished you may start another plot.
Ruining instructions:
  • Exterior: pply some structural damage, such as details and ornaments that broke off, collapsed parts of ceilings, holes in walls, broken off corners, small holes and damages all over the build. Don't go over the top though, it should still be clearly recognizable as a house.
  • Interior: Wood rots away, so remove most (but not all) of the wooden elements, wooden shelfs can collapse. Parts of the ceiling and inner walls can fall to the ground and destroy furniture. Add some holes in the ground (1 slab deep). The chamber of light has a lot of water in it and is mostly still rather dark, this is good conditions for mushrooms to grow, so place some of these around (not too many tho!)
  • Be sure to check out some of the finished houses (marked with green)!
Note: I will be on vacation during the second summer events week, so it may be that noone is reviewing the plots in that time! Please be patient!
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