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[Plotbuild] Moria pillars


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
It has been an awfully long time since we last had a treebuild, right? So, here you have one again, kinda. The trees are just out of stone, but that doesn't matter all that much, right?

Moria Pillars Plotbuild
As you probably know, there is about 1, 2, 300 halls left to build in Moria. And what do you need for fancy halls? Right, pillars! With this Plotbuild I want to start some sort of database fo various sizes of generic pillars which we than can reuse and adapt all around Moria and thus probably save some time! The plots are situated right within the large Moria chasm, for the right atmosphere and that you can quickly gather inspiration from what surrounds you.

Plotbuild instructions:
  • Find a plot: Type /plot list pillars [page number]
  • Click one of the plots that says "not started", the warp command will be placed into your chat input.
  • Claim the plot by standing inside the plot and typing /plot claim.
  • If you want you can invite other players to help you out by typing /plot invite <player>
  • When you're done with your plot mark it as finished using /plot finish. It then will be reviewed and either accepted or feedback will be given.
  • After you marked a plot as finished you may start another plot.
Building instructions:
  • I am looking for all kinds of generic pillars of small to medium size. You don't need to use the entire height of the plot! Beside that there's not so much to say, just a quick tip: Less is often more! Do not make your pillar designs too intricated, they quickly may look over-detailed and chaotic...