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[Plotbuild] Ships!


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Aye filthy landlubbers! I hope ya'll have seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and cannot wait to use your newly gained knowledge to construct some majestic water vessels! Because here comes the

Ships Plotbuild
With Dol Amroth as the impressive backdrop a series of plot await your eager hands to fill them with your dream's cruise ship or your bright orange dinghi...

Plotbuild instructions:
  • Find a plot: Type /plot list ships [page number]
  • Click one of the plots that says "not started", the warp command will be placed into your chat input.
  • Claim the plot by standing inside the plot and typing /plot claim.
  • If you want you can invite other players to help you out by typing /plot invite <player>
  • When you're done with your plot mark it as finished using /plot finish. It then will be reviewed and either accepted or feedback will be given.
  • After you marked a plot as finished you may start another plot.
Building instructions:
  • The ship can be of any size, but should be to scale with the other ships in the port of Dol Amroth. If it barely fits into the plot it's most likely too big. You can also make significantly smaller ships!
  • Here is a Guide @Eaglz24 wrote a while ago about some medieval ships, in case you need some inspiration: >>Ships<<. Be sure to google for some more images of these types of ship!
  • Check out the many other ships you can find all around the ports of Gondor!
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