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Present Scavenger Hunt


Hardcore MCME-er

Lots of gifts for one and all

The members of MCME have been in a very giving mood this holiday season with lots of presents being exchanged. This has kept the local postman very busy. So much so that he appears to have misplaced some of the packages!

He’s not sure which ones though... Fear not, they can’t be too far away. The postman believes that they were left in some of the villages on the MCME Christmas server. He would be very grateful if you would help find the misplaced presents. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Presents are hidden throughout the builds on the MCME Christmas Server (christmas.mcmiddleearth.com)
  • Each present is labeled with a tag saying who it’s to and from (Note: The presents under the tree in the Dwarven city do not count.)
  • Find as many presents as you can and let the postman know which ones you found by filling out this form.

Good luck and happy hunting!
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