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Mar 1, 2014
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Before submitting the template please answer the following questions and include them in your project application.

How long have you been on the server?:
What is your current rank?:
Who have you contacted to help you out with this project?:
Have you been part in any projects before? If yes elaborate what you did:
Is the project on the list of available projects?

In what amount of time do you think this project will get done (rough guess)?


<Name of said project>

<Project leader, reserve leader and designer(optional)>

<Background lore>

<Short Introduction to the project>

<Dynamap screenshot with mapped out plan>

<Concept art>

<Detailed structured plan of the project preferably in stage's>

<Possible Adventurer jobs that can be run in said project>

<FAQ section for public forum>

Try to keep your project post up to date. You cannot go into to much detail with explaining how things need to be done and when.
The project leader has the responsibility to keep this post updated. If he fails to do so and doesn't communicate to his project staff or me within a period of 3 weeks, the reserve project leader takes over. With the exception of vacation's, illness or any other real life issues IF notified prior or within the 3 week period. The FAQ section can be help full when leading a spotlight project and you don't want to answer the same tedious question all the time.
Try to implement some adventurer jobs in your project.

I know this is can be tedious and allot of work but the more time you spend on your project plan the easier and smoother your project will run.
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