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Project Dol Guldur [Freebuild Project]


Hardcore MCME-er

Project Dol Guldur
Freebuild Project

What is it?
Project Dol Guldur is an unoffical project on the Freebuild server in which we are building, you guessed it, Dol Guldur.
/warp DolGulder
(Caps are necessary)
@spike010 - Manager
@bender400 - Build Leader

@bucketticklerPRO - Assistant Regional Manager
How can I join?
Either post here or send a PM to a leader. Your building skills will be tested in-game to determine whether you shall join the project
1. Respect all members
2. Only build on the project if it will contribute; no pointless building
3. All other server rules apply
Other Info
The resource pack used is Eriador (Link)
There is a PM for all the members that is used for general (project-related) discussion.
This project is not intended to be implemented into the Build world.​

Please note that this thread is for important updates or membership requests, not general discussion
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Builds trees by hand
HEEEEY I wish to still be part of the project, I just lost my Minecraft password and couldn't remember it from the start of April, and couldn't even get on until just a few days ago. Sorry, I do still wanna be in it though. Thanks!