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In Progress Project Plan: Anorién

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The Lead Builder Assistants and I have come up with a new way to get Designer applicants to the level we want. In achieving this we have decided to split Anorien into 5 area, 4 of which will be trial project. The benefits would be: have all of Gondor at a higher quality, as of right now Anorien is basic terrain with three crappy villages (no offense to those who built them). The Designer applicant will take leadership of one of those 4 areas (all but the Region 1: City) and act as a Designer would for the area.

This would of course not be a main project and should not detract from our main focuses, and even so, as it is there are no basic tasks for artists and this would give them something outside Moria to do. Of course Mordor is coming, but even then, it is not here yet and the rp still needs work. Also, I don't think there is much risk in people not wanting to do Mordor over this. However, I also don't think it will be left behind, because these applicants want to become Designer.

: : Anorién Upgrade : :
Project Leader: @ooitsbirdo
Co-leader: @Patrick_0901
Project Staff: @barteldvn @BWOT @Oberanio @Lindolas

Background lore
@Eriol_Eandur has made a google document with some really useful information about the lore of Anorién:

Anorién is a brand new project on MCME. The goal with this project is to upgrade the old default World-Painter terrain of Anorién as well as upgrading some of the towns and forests because let's be honest, they are a bit outdated and could look a lot better.


Stage Number:
Section 1: Dol Carnathan, Planning Stage, Leader: @Patrick_0901

Section 2 : Big River Area, Not Started, Leader: TBD
Section 2a : Terrain & Vegetation
Section 2b : Ruined settlements
Section 2c : Beacons

Section 3 : Osgo but not Osgo, Not Started, Leader: TBD
Section 3a: Terrain & Vegetation Not started
Section 3b: Ruins and Fort

Section 4 : The Mid-West, Planning Stage, Leader: @Lindolas
Section 4a : Terrain & Vegetation
Section 4b : City and smaller settlements

Section 5 : The Far West, Planning Stage, Leader: @Oberanio
Section 5a : Terrain & Vegetation Not started
Section 5b : Fort and smaller settlements

Detailed Plan

- Possible jobs / Build Days / Contests / Plot Builds
  • Stream Digging jobs
  • Ruined Settlement Jobs (following concepts)
  • Name Contest for a city
  • Dol Carathan Build day
  • Vegetation plots
: The terrain in Anorién is quite flat, apart from some smaller hills closer to the White Mountains. BWOT made a heightmap showing this: https://imgur.com/a/QxEkjWA
Weather: Anorien is located north of the White mountains, which means that all the weather that comes from the sea, wouldn’t reach Anorien. Therefore there is little rain and little wind.
Water: There are some streams and rivers in Anorièn, the most noticeable being the Anduin north of Anorièn. Most of the villages is close to these water sources.
Rocks: As Anorién is a grassland there won’t be a lot of rocks. However, there might be some rocks really close to the White Mountains.
Vegetation: Because of the little rainfall is Anorièn a grassland. Pictures of the vegetation concept:
Do you want to help with this amazing project? Well then this is your lucky day! Even though we mainly need people with voxel and unlimited WE badge to help for terrain, there is stuff to do for everyone! Just contact me in game or in discord.
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