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~Promotion Program Inbox~

Discussion in 'Submission Box' started by BWOT, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. BWOT

    BWOT Head Designer
    Staff Member Head Designer Designer

    Jul 31, 2016
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    ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ Promotion Program Inbox ~:~ ~:~ ~:~
    Hello all, this is the second public step to the Expansion Update. There are a couple steps to this program but it is quite simple. The basic idea is that anyone from the community can write a Promotion. This promotion will follow simple guidelines to ensure uniformity and quality. You will submit the Promotion in the Promotion Inbox Thread. The Promotion will be reviewed and then if accepted by a Valar it will be distributed and used by the official MCME Team.

    How do I make a Promotion?
    Promotion can be created by using one of the few templates, choose the right one for the Media outlet you want to write a Promotion for and then use your creativity and skills to create a Promotion for MCME. If your Promotion is used; your name and promotion will be recognized in the MCME Times and across the communities outlets.

    More information can be found on this post: ~Promotion Program~

    Facebook/Instagram Promotion Template:

    Type of Promotion: Facebook/Instagram
    Submitter: Name
    Picture: Picture
    Description: One line description of picture

    Reddit/Imgur Promotion Template:

    Type of Promotion:
    Submitter: Name
    Post: Here is an example:

    The Theatre of Dol Amroth

    Picture(s): (must be with shaders)

    The Theatre of Dol Amroth is one of the spectacle of the Princes City of Dol Amroth, located in southern Gondor; Belfalas. With its blue and white banners of swans and large domed roof its a centerpiece to the Royal Town District of the grand city.

    Based off a citadel located in England this building with a Mediterranean and Gondorian twist the building is being built by me and uses a custom resource pack unique to our server. All can visit it at /warp Dol Amroth. Currently the city is a main project on our server and right now the New Town district is in progress and host multiple build days open to everyone. Hope you enjoy and visit and my ign is BWOT.

    This is a build on the Minecraft Middle Earth server, owner by q220 and ip: build.mcmiddleearth.com and website: www.mcmiddleearth.com , follow our Reddit page: /rMineCraftMiddleEarth , Facebook and Instagram. We welcome all players to recreate the world of Tolkien.

    Video Cinematic Promotion Template:

    Type of Promotion: Video Cinematic
    Submitter: Name
    In the plan should include what you will cover: locations, with or without players, voice over or music or none
    Media Outlet: Youtube/Twitch

    If your Promotion is accepted the Valar will respond underneath accepted.
    If your Promotion is used; your name and promotion will be recognized in the MCME Times and across the communities outlets.