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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : proton_gamer
Date Joined : 27th November 2013
Themed Build participated in:
Southern Gondorian Village,
Forest Gate,
Chamber of Mazarbul,
Thorin's Halls
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: http://protongamer.imgur.com/ (/warp proton1, /warp proton2, /warp proton3, /warp proton4, /warp proton5 /warp proton6)
What is your prefered building style? To be honest, i like building almost everything. I have far more experience with dwarven stuff, but i have some experience with all other styles (but gondor, being honest, i didnt build much gondorian stuff)
Other buildings and projects i have contribucted : I am part of the following projects :
-Gondolin (By Arcusthehero and Proton_Gamer /warp gondolinproject
-Thranduil's Halls (By xFrozenyeti /warp Thranduil's Halls)
-LOTR Adventure Map (By ohman74 /warp LOTR adventure map)
-Thorin's Halls (By Danishkabby, i've recently been promoted to leader too /warp Thorin's Gate)
-Minas Ithil (By Matin21 /warp Minas Ithil)
-Dain's Halls (By Kevincore020 /warp Dain's Halls)
-Eregion (By ohman74 and Proton_Gamer /warp Eregion)
-Belegost (By willgreen1 /warp Belegost) (paused by now)
-Menegroth (By fistfull /warp Menegroth)
-Moria (originaly by Ivan1pl, KlemensplusLukas and willgreen1, i've recently been promoted to leader too /warp moria project)
-Melkor Project too (By ChocolateCosmo /warp melkor)
-also worked for some time with gotay in his pirate island project, but i believe its stopped now
-also, i am part of a team on Cair Andros contest (the plot is CA10)

and also, im the leader (and main builder) of Kheled-Dum project (/warp kheled-dum), where im work most of my time
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