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Public apology for missing award show


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Friends and members of MCME.

I am so , so sorry for missing the award show. I had already planned on not being there and had recorded an acceptance speech to be played. My reason for forgetting to upload my speech are traumatic.
My boyfriend Raymond and I were driving in his car to my house and we were hit by another car.
I am fine. He and I have thankfully only minor injuries such as broken bones that will heal and mend with time and what else the doctor says must be done. I will most likely not be on for a few weeks. We are being released in a few days. I will try to come on if my mom lets me do anything other than sleep. It is not determined yet if we need physical therapy. I ask those of faith , my brothers and sisters in Christ to please pray for us and our families. Thank you.

Sorry if I put this thread in the wrong place.


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You never need to apologize for missing the show if you were involved in something that traumatic! Hope you heal up and get back on your feet soon.


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Thank you guys! Doctor said I can go home today since I am not that badly hurt. Yay! I will be in bed for a few days though and taking it easy for a few weeks. I can go to school in three weeks. I will use a wheelchair for a few days. Then crutches. Raymond is going home tomorrow. He has the same instructions as I. I'll be laying in bed so I might come on TS and the server when I get home in a few hours!