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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : purple_warsnail

Date Joined : Roughly around the month of August, 2013

Are you regularly in Teamspeak?: A moderate amount.

Why do you want to be an Artist?:I used t play Minecraft frequently and I was apart of many build teams (Arc light, and Team Varide), but I started to quit playing minecraft for a while. Now that it has been months since i have played i want to get back into the swing of things. Now i will warn you that these builds are from me from around 6 months ago when i was at the peak of my skill. I still have retained much of that skill but i'm no longer as good as i was and i want to try and "build" my skill back up.

Themed Build participated in: Mindon tower,Bag end,Rammas Echor,(I also participated in a TB for some type of inn, I screenshot some photos of it sadly i never took one with my name in it. I looked back and couldn't find the name of the TB to warp to it. I will still post my pics as if they were off topic builds. ;) if you happen to know the warp though that would be helpful to prove to you i did it.

Link to screenshots of your Themed Build:

What is your preferred building style? I largely enjoy building in nordic, medieval, gothic, and dwarven styles. I also have a knack for Nether themed builds too.