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Accepted QuantaCube Artist application again

Should I become and artist again?

  • Of course!

    Votes: 9 60.0%
  • No way!

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Help I've turned into a poll choice!

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Why did i do a poll?

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • This is insane.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Staff member
QuantaCube Artist Application V1.7

When Did I join?
Forums says March 2014, although that was the time of the forum refresh so must have been earlier, I'm leaning towards January 2014.

Jobs done on the server
Recently, I have been partaking in many jobs in Dol Amroth, creating multiple houses in cliff town, one in port town and a couple in middle town and gate town plus I helped build a few roads in cliff town, Chamber of Light house ruining, Smoothing plots with Eriol, Stream decorating with BWOT and stream building with Fire.


All screenshots with '{artist}' tag, builds with {old} tag are from my previous application and very quite old builds.
Some of the builds in my albums:
-Black Gate of Mordor
-Barrow Downs
-Prancing Pony
-Various Dol Amroth houses
-Many older builds from my previous application (raft elf houses, temple of iluvatar, goblin town)
-Other stuff too

Themed builds (New)
1- Barrow Downs

This build is just a typical barrow in a hand-built hill, the hill taking the most effort. This one was really fun to make because of my love for landscaping and using grasses and flowers to make a nice landscape.
2- Black Gate
This build is straying a bit from my comfort zone. I typically like smaller builds, like the barrow downs and building something as large as the black gate was quite a tough build, although I think it turned out looking okay. The biggest problem with building the black gate was the lack of textures in the mordor rp, although it provided a neat challenge with the limited range of blocks.
3- Prancing Pony
This was very fun to create as it is in possibly my favourite building style of all (Tudor style), mainly because I love the jettying and steep roofs that are commonly associated with bree.

Building Interests
I really quite like building Dol Amroth and other Gondorian styles, mostly because they are just a fun style to build in compared to many other styles on the server. Elven styles are also one of my more beloved building styles, simply because the complexity of the roofs and their design, and gives a rather beautiful finished product in my eyes. Other than MCME, I don't generally play Minecraft single-player much these days, and so I don't really build in many other styles besides the MCME style, but I do generally like building medieval things in general but can stray into many other styles.

Why do I want to be an Artist?
I wish to become an artist because I have always been a builder in Minecraft ever since first playing it, and being able to build on this server in some of the amazing styles and help create the massive world that this server is creating.
And because Thijs said so.
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Hardcore MCME-er
I am the one who voted no way just because I think polls in applications are special :p, re-elect Quanta for the purple legion.


Staff member
I am the one who voted no way just because I think polls in applications are special :p, re-elect Quanta for the purple legion.
special? What does that even mean?
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hon. Head Designer
Just to make it clear: For all who have been Artist before and want to get back to it, make me a pm, you don't need to apply again ;) Once suffices, except maybe if you've last been Artist five years ago where the building style was massively different...

Welcome back Quanta!