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Accepted QuantaCube artist application


Quantacube's artist application (september 11th and 12th 2016)
Important! I have changed my name! My old name was willgreen1
Date joined: Early march 2014, recently active since late august 2016
Jobs participated in: This includes from back in 2014
-Stream decorating jobs in belfalas with darki and eriol
-Moria temple of aule rubble with bender
-Road build with eaglz
-Minas tirith first level house- in minas tirith
-Dol amroth house- unknown presence in dol amroth
-Edoras house- probably not in edoras (my first job ever)
-Various road and river builds
all albums with {artist} tag.
Themed build- This themed build is a build of the huts of the raft elves, from the hobbit chapter barrels out of bond.
It includes a path from the outer edges of mirkwood from the elvenkings halls going along the river. It has a large lake-like place surrounded with houses in a more gritty elven style than in lothlorien and rivendell (these took ages). There is a bridge in the middle that also acts as a place where the elves can catch the barrels and fish them out of the river. Most of the houses are for workers, with one as a warehouse where store that are put into the barrels are stocked. This build took a while, and lots of effort was put into the terrain, building up the style and adding smaller details to complete the build.
My favourite styles in mcme are the Belfalas and generally gondor style. As gondor is the latest thing built, the style is definitely the most impressive on the server. Other than MCME I do generally like building dense medieval cityscapes and forest areas with dense bushes and shrubs. I also like building in a somewhat 'oriental style'.
I wish to apply for artist because I would really like to see middle earth built in the best way possible, and the server will need any help it could get to get it done and I just generally enjoy building, and would love to build alongside others to get the areas of middle earth complete. I would really like to work on moria and mordor. Although I know quite a bit of moria will be worked on by designers, any use an artist could get in moria I would love to help with, as I have always loved moria and building dwarven cities. Mordor will be much more involved and it would be very interesting to build an evil place, and some of the interesting builds that could be done there.
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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thanks a lot for your application!

willgreen1, thats a name I do remember, and I'm not the only one in fact, Eriol said he was aiming for Artist at the same time as you did once already and that you already had quite good builds back then!

I have to aplogise, your builds would deserve some thorough feedback, but with all the things going on right now I simply don't have the time that would take. But on the other hand I don't see any reason why not to promote you :D

Your builds surely match the quality we need from Artists, I don't see a problem with you catching up with what you might be asked to build. You are very active, and also that you were watching me work on the chamber of light for a while shows really well that how interested you are :)

So, Congratulations on Artist! Well deserved!