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Accepted QuantaCube Minigame badge application

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Staff member
QuantaCube Minigame Badge App

Minecraft username: QuantaCube
Date Joined: 2014/01/01

Rank (Artist/Guide + ): Yes
Microphone?: Not really, I make do with other means though.
Talk regularly on Discord?: Occasionally when others are on VC in my time range.

Motivation/ Why am I applying for the rank?: Back when the foreman rank had access to the mini game plugin, I would often run mini games (mostly hide n seek) when there were a lot of people on with absolutely nothing to do. However, when the mini game access was removed , this left a gap for mini games in my time range so I am proposing to have mini games in the American / Australian time ranges back and going and get a couple more fun games of hide n seek and races which I used to run going again.


Hardcore MCME-er
Good day Quanta,
It is the unanimous decision of the Guide Team to give you access to Minigames on the server.
If you have any questions about how to run minigames, I recommend asking the current Guides or checking the manual here: Minigames Manual

Thank you for applying and we hope to see plenty of minigames in the near future :)
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