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Accepted QuantaCube Unrestricted FAWE [WE] badge application


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QuantaCube unrestricted FAWE [WE] Application

When did you join?
January 2014

What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?:
Lead builder, which I have only had for a couple days, although perms-wise I am foreman which I have had for ~6 months.

How experienced are you in FAWE?
: I know much of the commands in FAWE, including the basic copy/paste and selection commands, as well as the brushes and masking features of FAWE, as well as quite a bit of experience with using the brushes to terraform, and work for vegetation and creation of farms, as well as for many other uses (evidence in imgur link).

Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge?:
Most likely not.I believe I am capable of the use of FAWE for likely all the functions I need it for.

Why do you need this badge?:
I require this badge to better be able to do work as the foreman lead builder as efficiently as possible, and more recent projects have made access to FAWE quite important to me, as well as being able to create things such as example themed builds with a greater speed. It will also allow me to work on some projects such as helping designers with vegetation with access to brushes which I will be able to utilise.

What to you is a responsible and mature player?:
To me, a responsible and mature player is one who doesn't abuse their powers to have fun with or for unnecessary causes, and is a player who is willing to do what they need to do, and help others when they need help. Of course, a responsible and mature player is also one who is not ignorant to the rules or simply community ethics, and acts in a way that does not disturb others (eg. lagging the server)

A portfolio of some FAWE work of mine can be found here

Edit: Changed the badge because of BWOTs convincing argument, but not too difficult of a change.
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Nice Brushwork however, the limited WE does not include brushes so maybe you would want unrestricted and full FAWE?


Hardcore MCME-er
I like some of your newer works with FAWE so Accepted, you have shown you will be capable of using the badge effectively and responsibly. You will receive it once I have a chance in-game. Congratulations!