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Question about an idea me and my friends had.


Starting Adventurer
We were thinking because (most of us) are huge LoTR fans, and I saw the server on outside the blocks a few days ago we came up with the idea of having a huge journey across middle earth. The part I want to know about is if he can have standard survival mode for the journey so that we can have a more organic goofy adventure across one (most) of our favorite lands. Thx for reading and get back to me as soon as you can please. -fifthgrade(starzsky1)


Hardcore MCME-er
I would say that the answer is most likely no. Besides, as a thrall you can't fly, and as commoner+ you can do /fly to turn off fly. If you mean that you want hunger and fall damage, then you may be a bit mistaken. First, there is no food available for collection on the build world, so you'd starve before reaching Weathertop. Second, fall damage would just be annoying, and you can simply act as if you take fall damage by avoiding cliffs.

Basically, I don't think there are any benefits of being in survival mode;)


Hardcore MCME-er
Since the server is dedicated to building middle earth right now and not necessarily playing it, I would have to say that the answer would be no at this point. However, this is no way to discourage you from taking a trek with your friend across the current middle earth map without survival as we have quite a few locations for you to explore. If you want it to be more "realistic" or "goofy", I am sure a staff member would be willing to give you armor, a sword, food, the works for your trip.

I would also suggest getting a tour, those are always great :)

Hope this helps,


Hardcore MCME-er
Yeah, if you make a vid out of it, make sure to give credit in the description to mcme for the builds and post it on here so we can see it too.
If you need help to find cool locations, just ask us here on the post or somewhere ingame. I guess rangers can help you with that.